November 24, 2012

September 8, 2012

Quick week in review:

Sunday, awesome lesson with familia Barraza.  The 15-year old girl (with her kid) was full of simply inspired comments and answers to questions.  It was amazing!  She actually said at one point, "I want to get baptized!"  That was cool.

Monday, super busy with stuff...

Tuesday, pouch run, bunch of changes prep stuff (we were already behind), good lesson with Familia Saez, an inactive family we found-- interesting how some people go inactive for no reason or because they just get a little lazy (and they admit it was just laziness), and a few visits with the missionaries and they´re back wanting to go to church!  It´s awesome what the spirit can do!  The dad is an RM and ex-bishop (baptized in 1978!), the mom shared how she gained her testimony of the Book of Mormon. The daughter (22), who was the first one to go inactive a number of years ago, really opened up and shared with us the fact that she always would go to church because her family went.  She thought it was really cool that other people said they really felt it and knew it all was true, but that she never felt that way.  And as we were sharing, she was like, you know what? Now that my parents aren´t forcing me to go to church, I´d really like to go, and actually feel that it is all true.  How do I do that?  Golden question deserves a golden answer: Ask God.  She seemed really happy to know that she could really know for herself that this is all true, and you could see her eyes light up.  "What would this mean to you, if the Book of Mormon, for example, was true?"  and her reply, "Well I´d sure have to follow it, and if I kept reading it, which I would have to do, I´m sure I´d be a lot better off in life.  I feel like the Book of Mormon would be a map for me."  Awww yeah.  It was a great lesson!

Wednesday, pouch run, Registro Civil, Area Office, Proselyting bags, moving people from one pension to another, emergency stuff, then super intense lesson with another inactive family, the Familia Gonzalez.  It was a very eye opening experience.  I´d taught them a few times with Elder Gimenez over a month ago.  They´re an interesting couple.  Anyway, we asked how long ago they were baptized, and they were like, 11 years.  Woah, That´s quite a while, we commented.  And they voluntarily said, "Yeah, and we´re actually sealed in the Temple, too!"  and they ran and got their sealing certificate.  "Cool!  But they´re inactive.  What happened?" I was wondering. So we asked what they remembered about the ceremony and in particular the covenant they made.  We got a pair of blank stares.  "You know, the covenant, or the promise you made?"  Still blank stares, then the comment "We just got sealed.  I don´t remember any promises we made or any covenant made.  I just know that now we´ll be married for eternity."  Woah Woah Woah.  Glad we found that out.  So we talked about covenants and stuff.  That was an eye-opener, the fact that there are some people that don´t remember making covenants, but they remember the promised blessings as unconditional.  Interesting.  Anyway, the lesson was really intense.  But it ended with a commitment to attend church this Sunday.

Thursday, office day.  Seeing as we really didn´t get to work in the office the WEEK BEFORE CHANGES, we came in before 10am and worked until after 10pm, nonstop.

Friday, long long day.  Just flat out long, preparing for changes.
Today, we went to the Feria!  I took some videos, I´ll try to send them.  the Feria is an interesting place.  I bought some legit chilean slippers and some cheap fruits.  niceeee.

Here I´ve been in Maipú Ward for almost 3 months.  I have definitely learned a lot while serving in this ward.  But more than anything, especially these last few weeks with Elder Wharton, I have gained a much stronger testimony of the fact that God is a God of Miracles.  I have seen a lot of miracles here in Maipú.  It´s been awesome!

Thanks for the updates, everyone!  I hope everyone is well!

Love, Elder Moffat