March 5, 2013

New Comp, March 4, 2013

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO COLE this week!
Friday, March 8th.

Hey, there.  I´m still here in Republica.  I¨ll probably be here forever.  But now I´m with Elder Strong!  He´s a great guy.  He goes home at the end of April, in 7 weeks.  He´s from Sacramento, California, born in Canada, and his mom is from Singapore.  He just came from El Sauce, my first sector!!  It was fun to catch up and compare stories from that sector.

But, Elder Strong´s second sector was Republica.  Then he went to Maipu, then Ochagavia, then El Sauce, and now he´s back in Republica!  All the members know him and recognize him and stuff, so he´s already got their confidence and trust.  We´ve been able to go back to some old investigators he had from a year and a half ago, which has really helped improve our teaching pool.  Yeah!  good stuff.

This week, we realized that there are a lot of gringos here on study abroad.  and the university they´re studyng at here in Chile is in our sector.  So we were able to have some nice English conversations with some real life gringos!

We have some awesome investigators now, and we have some fechas.  yes!!!

Well, that´s all folks.  Talk to you guys next week!

Elder Cole Moffat

Baptism! February 25, 2013

Raul Maire got baptized this week!  I wanted to send a pic, but the computer won´t read my card.  Elder Gehring baptized his wife, Candy, in November.  He was there for the lessons and everything, but didn´t want to get baptized at first.  Then, when I got there, he was ready to be baptized!  I really didn´t get to teach him that much, but in the time that I have known him, he´s a really cool guy, and seems really converted to the gospel now.  He´s reading the Book of Mormon with his wife, and as of a few weeks ago they are in Alma.  Elder Gehring baptized him, and once again, I was able to do the confirmation.  What a great experience.  I´m so happy that he was able to make that important decision in his life.  He looks so happy.

And we found out on Saturday night that Elder Gehring has changes, so it looks like I´ll be getting a new companion!  I´m excited for this new opportunity that will present itself.  Change, if applied correctly, means growth.  So it looks like I´ll be able to grow some more here pretty soon!  Also, I don´t know if I told you guys last week or not, but it looks like I might be here in Republica until the end of my mission-- about 3 and a half more changes.  President told me 2 weeks ago in interviews that unless something changes in his plans, I´ll be here until the end of my mission.  We´ll see what happens.  8 months is a long time to be in one place, but if I had to choose one place in the entire mission to be for 8 months, it would be here in Republica! :)

Love you guys!
Elder Cole Moffat

Last Week of the Change, Feb. 18, 2013

Like you guys, it seems like this week was a slower week, too.  I just turned to my comp and said, "Elder.  I honestly don´t even know what to write my family."

We taught a reference we got, and she seems really cool.  Yay Releif Society president!  She`s the one that gave us a reference.  The friend´s name is Ivonne, and they live in the same apartment building.  It was cool, because at the end of our first visit with her, she was like, What you guys do is just awesome.  And you know what?  A bunch of people here in this apartment building could really benefit from what you guys are teaching, because there are some pretty bad neighbors.  There´s actually a multipurpose room downstairs-- do you think that if I got a bunch of people together sometime, you guys could come and teach a few classes here in the building?  ummmm, YES!  super awesome.  She´s just golden.

I started reading the New Testament a week or so ago, and I finished Mark this week.  It´s really cool to read into some of the parables and figure out how to apply this stuff to life.

We just went bowling, and I bowled a 140, then a 111, then a 99, then a 97.  But I was pretty impressed with the 140.

Well, we have this week, and then changes!  It looks like Elder Gehring will probably be leaving to go whitewash train somewhere, and I`ll get a new comp, probably another Zone Leader (or else i´d be training, which I don´t want to do in this sector as a solo Zone Leader). I´ll let you know next Monday what´s going on for sure!

Nothing else... just that I love you and I miss you..... and I´ll be home in just 5 more fast Sundays   less than 5 months left... it´s kind of a weird feeling.  so soon, but at the same time, so much more time left.

Love you!
Elder Cole Moffat