December 3, 2012

New Sector, Zone Leader, December 3, 2012

Oh mannnnnnn I´m excited for these next few months!!!  I´m in Republica Zone, Republica ward, and I´m a Zone Leader!  We´re in a trio because one of my comps is leaving mid-change (Dec 26) to get back for school.  His name is Elder McBride.  My other companion, who I´ll be with for the next 3 months it looks like, is ELDER GEHRING!!!  My comp from the MTC!  and now we´re Zone Leaders together!!! And I´ve heard a lot about this sector, Republica.  It´s a pretty awesome sector, with great members, great converts, and baptisms!  So I´m definitely looking forward to my time here.

It´s kind of weird doing internet in a Ciber and not on the nice computers in the office.

This Friday we have Concilio, which is when all the Zone Leaders go to presidents house and give a report of the zone, learn the new mission initiatives, etc.  It´s the first Friday of every month.  I´m excited.  I´ll tell you how it goes.

Not much else to tell... I´m just here in my new sector and ready to get to work!  Also, my Pdays are on Mondays again.

Love and BoM catch up,
Elder Cole Moffat

I'm Movin Out! December 1, 2012

Well, my time as secretary has come to an end.  I´m getting out of the office!!  In all honesty, I have loved the opportunity to serve as a missionary in this assignment.  I´ve definitely learned a lot in many different ways and areas.  I will forever be grateful for my time as Secretary in the Chile Santiago West Mission. But now it´s time to get back to being a normal missionary!  I´m excited!  But at the same time, I kind of feel like a greenie again.  It´s a weird feeling.  Changes are a little weird this next week, so long story short, I may have a little bit of time to write you on Monday or Tuesday, telling you where I am, what I´m doing, who my comp is, etc.

I go the Christmas package!  But I saw that it´s all wrapped up, so do you think It will be okay to just have them give it to me in like a week and a half like a normal missionary?  because I´m a little tight on luggage space... I don´t know if I´ll have space to fit a package in there!  But I cant´wait to open it!  Also, I got the card from Audrey Woodland.  thanks!

This week was a bit of a downer because M told us not to visit her anymore... I´m not really sure what happened there.  It´s just all so weird... she was doing so well  and it was out of nowhere  It just saddens me when I see people that know what they´re learning is true, and they decide to go against what they know and decide to stop coming unto Christ.  It´s just so sad.  But at the same time, I´m glad I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, and that I know it´s true, and I know why it´s true, and I know why I know it´s true, and I know why it´s important that you know it´s true.  And those are all different things, by the way.  Know what´s true, know why it´s true, know why you know it´s true, and know why it´s important that you know it´s true.  Think about it for a sec.  That´s your homework.

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat! It will be fun. It´s weird to think that I had my first baptism over a year ago, now!  I´ve been in Chile for quite a while.  but at the same time, not really THAT long.  I still have a lot of time to go, a lot of good to do, and a lot of people to help, whether it be in life in general or in very specific problems and needs they have.  and especially into the waters of baptism.

This week I just worked hard core on the Retrospectivo for the mission (basically, the year-in-review video).  It´s going to be EPIC!  I´ll try and get two copies of it (I can pull some strings) and send it to you, so you can see what´s going on in the mission and what your donation of Photoshop did.  It´s going to end with a ton of baptismal pictures and really calm, beautiful music.  It´ll definitely give people the animo to baptize!!  I´m super excited.

We´ll get to Skype in a few weeks!  I don´t know if you realized, but we´re just about done with the longest time, probably ever, that we won´t have talked-- 7 months.  After the Christmas call, it´ll be 5 months to Mother´s day, then a few short months till I get home, and then I sincerely doubt we´ll ever go 7 months without talking.  It´s going to be good.  And I think I`m just going to give up and speak hard-core spanglish.  If you don´t understand something just stop me and I´ll try and fix it.  or Dad, you can just translate.

How are you on your Book of Mormon reading?  I shant lie.  I am only in Alma 22ish.  I have 22 days to finish the Book of Mormon!  I´ll do it, though.  I read at least a chapter a day.  Where are you guys at?  I hope you´re all reading every day!  I just got done with Ammon´s story.  It´s really interesting to read the Book of Mormon at different stages in life.  and I´m not just talking about the difference between reading it pre mission, on a misison, after the mission studying, as a dad, etc.  Even though YES, you learn and see different things in those different stages, too.  But also just as a missionary, there are things I noticed this time around, reading about Ammon as an office elder in Maipú, than I noticed the last time I read that part of Alma, reading as a Junior Companion in San Miguel.  It just goes to show that there is always something new in the Book of Mormon, and that we should never let more than a day go by without drinking from its pages.  What have you guys learned recently?  Other homework.

That´s all, folks.  I love you!  I´ll send a package soon.... hopefully today or Monday.

Elder Cole Moffat