December 3, 2012

I'm Movin Out! December 1, 2012

Well, my time as secretary has come to an end.  I´m getting out of the office!!  In all honesty, I have loved the opportunity to serve as a missionary in this assignment.  I´ve definitely learned a lot in many different ways and areas.  I will forever be grateful for my time as Secretary in the Chile Santiago West Mission. But now it´s time to get back to being a normal missionary!  I´m excited!  But at the same time, I kind of feel like a greenie again.  It´s a weird feeling.  Changes are a little weird this next week, so long story short, I may have a little bit of time to write you on Monday or Tuesday, telling you where I am, what I´m doing, who my comp is, etc.

I go the Christmas package!  But I saw that it´s all wrapped up, so do you think It will be okay to just have them give it to me in like a week and a half like a normal missionary?  because I´m a little tight on luggage space... I don´t know if I´ll have space to fit a package in there!  But I cant´wait to open it!  Also, I got the card from Audrey Woodland.  thanks!

This week was a bit of a downer because M told us not to visit her anymore... I´m not really sure what happened there.  It´s just all so weird... she was doing so well  and it was out of nowhere  It just saddens me when I see people that know what they´re learning is true, and they decide to go against what they know and decide to stop coming unto Christ.  It´s just so sad.  But at the same time, I´m glad I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, and that I know it´s true, and I know why it´s true, and I know why I know it´s true, and I know why it´s important that you know it´s true.  And those are all different things, by the way.  Know what´s true, know why it´s true, know why you know it´s true, and know why it´s important that you know it´s true.  Think about it for a sec.  That´s your homework.

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat! It will be fun. It´s weird to think that I had my first baptism over a year ago, now!  I´ve been in Chile for quite a while.  but at the same time, not really THAT long.  I still have a lot of time to go, a lot of good to do, and a lot of people to help, whether it be in life in general or in very specific problems and needs they have.  and especially into the waters of baptism.

This week I just worked hard core on the Retrospectivo for the mission (basically, the year-in-review video).  It´s going to be EPIC!  I´ll try and get two copies of it (I can pull some strings) and send it to you, so you can see what´s going on in the mission and what your donation of Photoshop did.  It´s going to end with a ton of baptismal pictures and really calm, beautiful music.  It´ll definitely give people the animo to baptize!!  I´m super excited.

We´ll get to Skype in a few weeks!  I don´t know if you realized, but we´re just about done with the longest time, probably ever, that we won´t have talked-- 7 months.  After the Christmas call, it´ll be 5 months to Mother´s day, then a few short months till I get home, and then I sincerely doubt we´ll ever go 7 months without talking.  It´s going to be good.  And I think I`m just going to give up and speak hard-core spanglish.  If you don´t understand something just stop me and I´ll try and fix it.  or Dad, you can just translate.

How are you on your Book of Mormon reading?  I shant lie.  I am only in Alma 22ish.  I have 22 days to finish the Book of Mormon!  I´ll do it, though.  I read at least a chapter a day.  Where are you guys at?  I hope you´re all reading every day!  I just got done with Ammon´s story.  It´s really interesting to read the Book of Mormon at different stages in life.  and I´m not just talking about the difference between reading it pre mission, on a misison, after the mission studying, as a dad, etc.  Even though YES, you learn and see different things in those different stages, too.  But also just as a missionary, there are things I noticed this time around, reading about Ammon as an office elder in Maipú, than I noticed the last time I read that part of Alma, reading as a Junior Companion in San Miguel.  It just goes to show that there is always something new in the Book of Mormon, and that we should never let more than a day go by without drinking from its pages.  What have you guys learned recently?  Other homework.

That´s all, folks.  I love you!  I´ll send a package soon.... hopefully today or Monday.

Elder Cole Moffat