December 3, 2012

New Sector, Zone Leader, December 3, 2012

Oh mannnnnnn I´m excited for these next few months!!!  I´m in Republica Zone, Republica ward, and I´m a Zone Leader!  We´re in a trio because one of my comps is leaving mid-change (Dec 26) to get back for school.  His name is Elder McBride.  My other companion, who I´ll be with for the next 3 months it looks like, is ELDER GEHRING!!!  My comp from the MTC!  and now we´re Zone Leaders together!!! And I´ve heard a lot about this sector, Republica.  It´s a pretty awesome sector, with great members, great converts, and baptisms!  So I´m definitely looking forward to my time here.

It´s kind of weird doing internet in a Ciber and not on the nice computers in the office.

This Friday we have Concilio, which is when all the Zone Leaders go to presidents house and give a report of the zone, learn the new mission initiatives, etc.  It´s the first Friday of every month.  I´m excited.  I´ll tell you how it goes.

Not much else to tell... I´m just here in my new sector and ready to get to work!  Also, my Pdays are on Mondays again.

Love and BoM catch up,
Elder Cole Moffat