April 22, 2013

Strong Gone, April 22, 2013

Thus ended the 8 weeks of the Moffat-Strong duo.  See you later, Elder Strong. Have fun in California and Singapore.

How´s the family doing?!?  sounds like Spencer had a great performance!  hey, get better, Luke.  And I´m thinking that Hayden is so stressed and busy that he doesn`t read these anyway hahaha

This week was interesting.  we had 4 people in the pension Monday night thru Friday evening.  Elder Enamorado had to do a class here in Republica on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then he and Elder Strong had to go to the temple on Friday, so Elder Enamorado and Elder Harman came in from the coast and stayed with us in our already small apartment.  fun stuff.  One day, Elder Harman and I went to go contact a reference we got from the office.  Her name is Jenifer, and she´s really cool.  We had a wonderful conversation in the lobby of her apartment building and she`s really really interested in hearing more.  She said, and I quote, "I know that I want to get to God, but I just see all the different ways people say you can and can`t do it, and I just don`t know which one I should take.  Basically, I know I want to get to God, I just don`t know how to get there.  I´m looking for a guide."  We have a return appointment with her this week.

It´s been a really weird past few days.  Elder Zachary Cummings was a missionary that served here and went home 2-3 months after I got to Chile.  He was the mission secretary, Zone Leader in Republica, served in San Miguel, and a few other places.  After he left the office, he went to Republica, and Elder Strong was one of his comps in Republica (a year and a half ago), the first time Elder Strong was in Republica.  Basically, it looks like Elder Cummings and I had very similar missions.  Well, his wife gave him a surprise 1 year anniversary present:  Trip to Chile/South America!  So yesterday we went around to a bunch of houses with "Brother Cummings" and his wife--so Elder Strong could say his goodbyes and Zach Cummings could say hi to all the same people.  It was a really interesting and fun day.

Then today, Elder Wilcox´s parents got in to pick him up!  They´ll be visiting a bunch of people this week.  So we talked about Mindy and Eldon, Paige, Kate, Garrett, and Ryan for a bit.  They had room in their rent a car, so they took us back to my sector, which is close to their hotel.  They were thankful for an Elder who could tell them how to get around Santiago in a car without dying.  On the way, we stopped by some member´s house in Riconada, Elder Wilcox´s first sector-- when he, too, was with Elder Fuhriman!  Small world.  Surreal weekend.

Elder Strong was a great companion.  I really really enjoyed our 8 weeks together.  I definitely look forward to seeing him after the mission.  We made some great memories in the sector.

Tomorrow I find out who my comp is.  He´ll probably be my last companion in the mission.  But president did say something about possible companions.... plural....  We´ll see tomorrow.

Love you guys!  thanks for ally your love and support!

Interesting Week, April 15, 2013


Well, we definitely had an interesting week!

Thursday night, we were out with Mosiah, a 17 year old young man in the ward, and went to go visit Ana, who got baptized in January.  We saw a note on the door that said "Elderes."  I thought, oh no... she´s not here.  She left her phone at work, and after working all day, went back to work a night shift.  So we were thinking about what we could/should do at 9:00 at night.  Just then, this dad and his 13 year old daughter walk up to us and ask (but in Spanish) "Do you know of anywhere we could rent a room for the night?  We got in this morning from Quito, Ecuador, and we need a place to stay for tonight."  We thought about it for a minute, and then were like, "Hey!  Let´s go to the chapel!  maybe there are some people there that can help you-- maybe the bishop, too."  As it turns out, he had planned to stay with a friend, or a friend was going to organize something, but then bailed once this guy and his daughter got to Chile.  what a great friend, eh?  So we called some people, and long story short, they went to stay at Violeta´s house.  She got baptized in December.  But we had to run to our pension and grab the extra mattress and bring it over there, and it was intense.

I also participated in a priesthood blessing that was given in Kichwa.  super cool.

Well time ran out REAL quick.  So I´ll write more next week.... hopefully.

Last week with Elder Strong, then he goes home!!!

love you

Elder Cole Moffat

Conference, April 8, 2013


My last conference in the mission!  Sad.
I love Conference. 
 Here are some highlights:

65,000+ missionaries.  58 new missions.  oh yeahhhh
Boyd K Packer said that there are few powers greater than that of a righteous mother.  Keep praying for me and my investigators, mom!
Dean M. Davies said that praying and scripture study should be as natural (and necessary) as eating and breathing.  is it?
What e´er thou art, act well thy part.
Henry B Eyring said that through simple acts of obedience, we can feel more of God´s love.  As he said that, I thought, "God will always accept my invitation for him to stay with me.  But I can only invite him through my actions, my sincere desires, and my broken heart and contrite spirit."  Let`s invite the power of God into our lives.
Richard G. Scott told us that we always need to have a Christ-centered home that can be felt-- a home that invites and is attractive to people who may not have a Christ-centered home.  Let´s have that kind of home.  He also said that if for some reason we can`t do it all at once, we should live worthily so that Heavenly Father can tell us what we should emphasize right now.
Then Quentin L. Cook just kept on going like it was a direct continuation of Elder Scott´s talk.  I was seriously amazed.  Righteous living will always be rewarded with personal peace.
Stanley G Elis.  Stick to the basics.  The Lord is hastening his work on EVERY side.  Bloom where you`re planted.
David A Bednar.  Law of Chastity.  ´Nuff said.  He had a wonderfully potent quote there at the end about those that think the law of chastity is something archaeic.  Beautiful.
Robert D. Hales said that we should make a life plan.  Probably a good idea.  do it.
Tad R. Callister.  The priesthood in a boy is just as powerful as then priesthood in a man when used in righteousness.  I know that`s true.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf had a wonderful "title" talk.
Henry B. Eyring definitely emphasized member missionary work. 
Thomas S. Monson:  Search the scriptures with diligence (not just reading, and not just once in a while).  Plan your life with purpose (another life plan comment...).  Teach the truth with testimony (It`s hard to go against someone´s personal testimony).  Serve the Lord with love.  Christ is the missionary who redeemed mankind.
Dieter F Uchtdorf talked about darkness and light.  start where you are, turn your heart to the lord, and then walk in the light.  not darkness.  I testify that Jesus Christ is the light.
Neil L Andersen also talked about member missionary work. and how we can share the gospel and stuff.... sound like a reoccurring theme?
L. Whitney Clayton.  Watch and learn.  Humility is the essence of repentance.
L. Tom Perry´s talk may have been one of my favorite talks.  Just about everyone accepts the 10 commandments as a good standard and just about the most accepted and basic moral code we have written.  but as a society, we really only follow 4 out of the 10: stealing is bad, killing is bad, lying is bad, and children should honor and respect their parents.  But what happened to putting God as our first priority, not worshiping statues or graven images, not taking his name in vain, keeping the sabbath day holy, not committing sexual sins, and not envying?  Obedience to law is Liberty.
Thomas S. Monson gave a wonderful talk on Obedience... another reoccurring theme...
Jeffrey R Holland´s talk was so good that I only took a few notes and just wrote, "Definite study-later talk."
Dallin H. Oaks as well.  But I did write "Daily kneeling prayers as a family."
Enrique R. Falabella said that we shouldn`t just know the gospel, we should  live it.
From Erich W. Kopischke´s, talk I thought, "if everyone needs to be accepted,then a) i´m going to seek acceptance from good sources, and b) I need to be a good, positive source of acceptance for other people, and in so doing, I need to point them to Christ.
Bruce D. Porter.  Doubt Not, Fear not.  for He is not here.  He is risen.  I testify of that.
D. Todd Christofferson just really opened my eyes to the Redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and the redemptive power we can have in the lives of other people.  Family History and Temple Work are forms of redemption.  Helping people is redeeming work.

phew.  awesome conference. http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2013/04?lang=eng  watch and read them again.

I love you guys!
Elder Cole Moffat

Happy Easter! April 1, 2013


 I kind of wrote a separate email to both of you... and I don´t have much time to write more.... sorry.

Happy Easter! (lunch fell through yesterday... so we ate with the bishop). Everyone when to the beach for the long weekend.  No one in the sector on Saturday.  seriously.

We had a talent show on Friday!  Elder Strong and I did a few numbers.  I played the piano and sang, and he sang along.  pretty cool stuff!  I´ll show you the video in a few months.....

We saw an 11 year old kid teach a 45/50 year old woman about modesty over dinner.  sweet.

Well, that´s all!  Happy Easter.  and get ready for CONFERENCE!!!!!

Elder Cole Moffat

April 2, 2013

Short Lived Trio, March 25, 2013

Elder Felipe´s new companion will get here tomorrow, so he´ll go to Monumento in Maipú to whitewash and train his new companion.  It was a short 2 weeks with him here, but it was fun.  Chao Elder Felipe.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday package!  I love it!!! just stuffed with candy.  can´t get much better than that.  and Letters from Lauren Gui and DonnaRae.  Thanks!   

Tell people they now can email me, too!  cole.moffat@myldsmail.net

This week we had a really good week.  We found a lot of new investigators, taught a lot of lessons, had our investigators with fechas come to church and really show a desire to learn more.  it was great.  Lots of Ecuadorians.

Speaking of Ecuadorians, I did my first baptismal interview!  He´s Ecuadorian. super cool guy.  and the interview was a wonderful experience.  Seriously.  It´s so cool to sit down with investigators you´ve never met, but who really want to get baptized, and have them tell you how they recieved a testimony of the gospel, and their relationship with God and Christ, and what it means to them to have a living prophet today, and have them "[witness] unto the church that they truly repented of all their sins" (Moroni 6:2).  I loved it.  and I definitely felt the confirmation of the spirit telling me that this young man was ready, willing, and sincere in his desire to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ.

We´re also now teaching a deaf investigator, a daughter of a member who´s reactivating.  She´s super cool too.  She can kind of hear if she has her hearing aids in, and can read lips really well.  So we try and speak clearly, and she teaches us sign language, and we get along and are ALL able to learn.  she´s come to church twice, now, and came to a mass family home evening at someone else´s house with her member mom and not-yet-member dad.

is it a fad in the united states for girls to wear transparent shirts, or is that just here?  because we sure see a lot of them.  yuck.

We´re also learning a little bit of keechwa, the native indiginous language of Ecuador (there are a lot of otavalans in our sector).  niuka yachane tucuita. jako! They´re super humble people, and always friendly and just really really humble. I love them. Always just happy and smiley.

Well, that´s all for this week, folks!  I love you!  

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cole Moffat

Trio, March 18, 2013

 Well, I´m still here in Republica.  and School is back in session!  Lottttts of university students.  seriously.  it´s actually incredible how many people there are.

And we´re here in a trio!  Our new companion is Elder Felipe from Lima, Peru.  So it´s an American looking guy, a Chinese looking guy, and a Peruvian --    walking around Chile.  We´ve just gotta be a sight to see.  But Elder Felipe is a cool guy.  He got to the mission my first day in the office as secretary.... 9 months ago.  And he just finished 2 years as a member of the church.  His sister got baptized last week!  He´s a pretty chill guy, and a good teacher. 

We were able to go out on divisions a lot this week because now if we can get 1 guy to come out with us, we can split up and have 2 companionships.  On Sunday we actually did that, but each of us went with a ward member, so we had 3 companionships!  pretty sweet.

This week I decided I have my new favorite part of the Gospels in the New Testament: John 14-16.  I don´t know what it was, but they just seemed amazingly applicable and spiritual, and awesome this last time that I read them this week.  They have some "famous" verses that are quoted a lot, but it was cool to understand why Christ taught, and why he said those "famous" lines in his teaching, and what he was talking about in the first place.  super cool.  I definitely learned a lot.  I just feel like I understood it so much more..... maybe because I was reading it in both Spanish and English.

Well, that´s all I got for today.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Cole Moffat