October 24, 2011

Busy Week! October 24, 2011


 Hola Familia!

Okay, so, lots of stuff happened this week, and I don´t have a ton of time to write it.  Sorry.  Hna V was the driest member.  Really complicated story, too, but anyway, we met with her earlier this week, and set a baptismal date goal with her!  Yay!  We´re also helping out Familia Bellagamba (Dad Alfredo) get ready to be sealed in the temple.   I really hope they get themselves ready to go to the temple! and I hope I´m part of that preparation, too!  We taught Claudia (investigator) and Marcelo about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and a little bit about baptism.  Claudia understood the need to be baptized if she prays and receives an answer to it, and would be willing to as well.  Hopefully, that keeps progressing.  Their 3 month old daughter Laura is so cute!

We did 77 contacts this week!  That includes street contacts and door approaches.  77!  and we got in a few houses too, with some return appointments.  Good things!  Last night a family in our ward called us and when we got there asked us to give someone a blessing of health.  I´d never done a blessing in Spanish.... but I learned!  I did the anointing, and Elder Fuhriman did was the voice in the blessing.  Cool!  Bakan!, as they say here in Chile.  Now I know how to do it in Spanish.  Dad, I now know what you were saying about the names and how they´re a paragraph long... oh boy.  Also, I´m reading el Libro de Mormón in Spanish!  Very insightful, and I understand most of it, too!  I have a feeling that in 2 years, these scriptures will be so marked up, and my English ones will be bare.  yep.

I had something called ´´Enrique´´ this week at an investigator´s house.  I didn´t know what it was, and they were like, ´´Well, we should probably tell you after, then.´´  It was pretty good, but I knew it was probably something gross.  Turns out, I like chicken gizzards.  And so does my companion.  apparently they´re cheap.  So we might go get some for the pension and cook them up a few nights a week.  But aside from that, the food here is normal, nothing that crazy.  It´s good, and there´s a lot of it.  The water is safe straight from the tap, so no worries there, either.  I usually just have juice or something really small for breakfast, then the monstrocity of a lunch at 2, and then in Chile they have what´s called once (ohn-say) and it´s usually bread or something small.  around 9:00 pm ish.  we´re not supposed to have once with people, but it is SOOO hard to get out of it when you´re with them and they just bring it out without asking.  So if we don´t have it with members or investigators, we usually have something when we get home between 10 or 10:30.  That´s how the meals work.

Yes, I´m sleeping on the floor as in no foot off the ground bed frame.  But it´s a good mattress on this metal frame sort of thing.  But it´s on the ground.  Don´t worry about my back, mom.  Email pictures, you can.  just make sure to embed them because I can´t download anything at the public places.  And I might be able to print them out on normal paper, but it might be expensive for poor quality.

Tell Kenzie and Katie happy birthday for me!

Last thing, There´s not a post office in my sector, so I´ll send hand-written letters whenever I go to conferences or something somewhere else, like Maipú.  There could be a solid 6 week gap between when I can send hand written letters. 

I love you and miss you!  Sorry I can´t write more or write to you guys specifically, Hayden, Spencer, and Luke, but I love you and miss you guys a lot!

Les Amo a Ustedes,
Elder Moffat