October 15, 2011

Hola, Familia! from Chile, October 12, 2011

We got in safe, don't worry! The flight to Chile was long....   but there was this nice Chilean abuelita by us that was giving us tips and stuff.  Such a sweet lady.  The Andes poking through the clouds during the sunrise was gorgeous.  Anyway, our flight got in 30 minutes early, and getting through immigration and customs was fast and smooth, no problems.  Once the President and Sister King and the Assistants got there, we went up and took pictures at the top of a hill.  San Cristobal?  Santiago is HUGE!! So spread out -- it looks way bigger than Chicago.  Wow.  We've done some orientation, training, etc. and interviews and lunch!  I love Chilean cooking! Amelia has been working at the mission home for 4 Presidents.  She's the cook/live in person. So sweet.  The President and his wife are really nice and friendly.  I'm still struggling to take it all in.

Dad, you're right.  There are so many dogs here, just running around.  I find out who my trainer is and where my area is in a few minutes.  And we'll go out and proselyte tonight! 2 hours-ish of sleep wasn't great, but I'll be fine. I'll just crash tonight when we get back to the pension (apartment). 

P.S. email on Monday for 1 hr 15 min.
Love you, Elder Cole Moffat