October 7, 2011

Hola! I got travel plans! October 6, 2011



Thanks for the letters Mom, Dad, Spence, Mindy, Will, and others.  I forgot my little notebook with all that written down.  it's in the room.  But I got quite a few this week!
I got travel plans! 

October 11th (Tues)
Depart SLC at 1:50pm
Arrive Atlanta, GA at 7:31pm
Depart Atlanta at 10:00 pm
Arrive Santiago at 8:35 am, October 12th (Miercoles).
All times are local
I'm really excited to get to Chile and to start serving and teaching the Chileans!  My spanish has greatly improved in my few weeks here, but being immersed in the language and culture will help soooo much!  Remind me to tell you about our joke we played on Hermana Vance.  pretty funny.
So, General Conference was this past weekend!  Really, there's nothing like watching 5 sessions of prophets and apostles and other church leaders, while in a room with 1500+ other missionaries.  16 pages of notes.  yep.  A LOT of good stuff not only for me as a missionary, but for the people we were teaching here at the MTC, and probably for the people in Chile too.  Seriously, nearly every talk was very applicable to me at this point in my life, and if it wasn't, it definitely will be for the people I'm teaching.  Barbara Thompson answered very very directly a question i had written down going into conference.  President Uchtdorf's awesome talk.  We are nothign compared to the grand creations of the universe.  but it is all created for us, becuase we are literally the Children of a Perfect God.  We are nothing by comparison, but we matter to Him.  He sees us not as just a mortal human, but a child, a much-loved being who was meant to become, even designed to become a perfect, exalted being in the presence of God.  BOOM.  There's some hope and motivation for you!  Carl B Cook:  It's better to look up!  D Todd Christofferson: the fundamentals of repentence.  Jeffery R Holland during the Priesthood Session.  You know its going to be good whenever he speaks.  He's going to be bold, blunt, and forward, just the way we need to hear it.  but when he starts by saying, "I wish to speak to you candidly," you better buckle up.  Wow.  and then every talk on Sunday was excellent.  What a great weekend!!!!!!!  and later I'll have to tell you about the devotionals we also had.  So much I want to write about, and so little time to do it!!!  well, I have to go now.
I love and miss you all, and the next time i write, it'll probably be from Chile! :)
Suyo con amor,
Elder Cole Moffat