September 30, 2011

Feliz Navidad!, September 29, 2011

Hola Familia, y si, dije Feliz Navidad, porque Hoy es Navidad! (Espero que si...)  Recibiremos nuestros planes de "travel"!  Les voy a email cuando yo los reciba.
Gracias a Dad, Mom, Luke, Will, Katie Shrek, Audrey (just the little one), Grandparents Davis, y Spencer.  Keep sending letters!
Este semana fue muy rapido!  Santa vaca!  First, When I got the letter about the garage door and the cruise in the same sentence, two things went through my mind:  I think dad's going through a mid-life crisis, and also, I wasn't even invited.  Todd is in the Bishopric!  Hopefully that will keep them in Chicago until I get back.  Although, selfishly, I wouldn't mind having them in utah when I'm at school.... :P  Luke!  the wordoodle is so cool!!!   Thanks so much for that and your note.  Congrats on Travel Soccer!  Thanks Mom for the words of encouragement, Great Harvest (!!!!!), and the Pres. Uchtdorf quotes.  A few hours after I picked up the mail, i realized that the last part of what you sent me was exactly what our "investigator" Ellie needed.  So I quickly translated it into spanish (well, i tried) and read it to her.  It was absolutely perfect.  It's good to remember that no matter what, no matter how we're feeling, Our Father in Heaven, God, hasn't forgotten us.  And he actually loves us with an infinite love.  Perfect.  Also, mom, thanks for the music, too.
Speaking of Music.... Yesterday i accompanied Elder Spurlock (in my zone) singing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" at the new missionary devotional/orientation thing.  It went really well.  And just a few minutes ago, I auditioned singing "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" to Kolob Melody, Peter MacArthur accompanying me.  It went really well adn She liked it and is going to try really hard to fit us in the next week and a half.  I'm excited!  I recorded it on my camera, too, so I'll send that Memory Card home before I go to Chile.  I just can't wait to get to Chile.
SPENCER!!!!!!!!!! please please please feel better.  You're definitely in my prayers.  Dad was right--It is a great time to be worthy to hold the priesthood.  I got your DearElder about your leg hurting and being infected, but then Dad emailed me last night and i just read about your... temporary housing on a bed with IV's and doctors and all that.  i'm worried about you!  but you're a strong kid, you can get through it-- you can get through anything.  (also congrats on the Personal Best mile time and fun campout!)  HAYDEN.  congrats on scoring a goal!! I think i can honestly say that on my 3 years on varsity, i never actually scored... so congrats!
I have a goal to finish the New TEstament before I leave for Chile.  i'm a little bit behind at the moment, but hopefully i'll get back on track and finish it.  the devotional on Tuesday was really really Good.  4 things to be a great missionary:  Follow the SPirit, Search (not read) the scriptures, be obedient, and apply what we learn (PMG vii).  and all his stories and quotes were awesome.  i'll try to include more of that In my handwritten letter.
I don't have any more time, but I love you and Miss you and am praying for all of you, individually!
Love and stuff,
Elder Cole Moffat