September 22, 2011

Otro Cambio... September 22, 2011

Hola Familia!
Gracias a Emily, Hayden, Mom, Dad, Demarie, Kenz, and Grandma Moffat por las cartas y cajas!  Me encanta todas!
PUES. busy week, and I hope I have time to type everything I want to!  This might be choppy, but here it goes.
Watch "Sanctify Yourselves" and "Moments that Matter Most" videos on  so powerful! especially the Moments that Matter Most one.  Also, we moved AGAIN (hence the subject "Otro Cambio").  But we're in the best building on campus, 3M.  a few feet from the cafeteria in 1M, and a few feet on the otherside of the building from 2M, which has the mailroom, health clinic, travel office, barbershop, dry cleaning, and starting Monday, the bookstore.  It's far from our classroom, but it's close to everything else.  and the rest of our zone is in 3M so it's okay.  Because we've moved 2 more times than most people (which is 0), I think I understand more about the moving process.  3 suitcases no es bueno.  So I think I'm going to send my carry-on size home (if I can), and i would love for you guys to send me a backpack that is sturdy and roomy.  It doesn't even have to have padded straps because I'll only use it once every few months when traveling.  The one I have now is bulky and really doesn't have a lot of room in it.  No laptop section or sleeve or padding because it takes too much space.  2 suitcases and a backpack works much better than 3 rolly suitcases on and off public transportation (i'd imagine).

Mosiah 3:19 is the scripture of the week.  As a room, we stayed up one night and just talked about how we all need to improve on every aspect of this scripture, and it's our goal to be as perfect as we can in all apsects of this scripture-- which will take more than a lifetime to actually perfect, but we're all working on it.  Sunday we had some great talks.  2 quotes from Pres. Stephens:  "Work will win when wishy-washy wishing won't."  and "Repentence is a total personal upgrade."  I like that.  The talks throughout the whole day were about Attitude and Obedience and Repentence and stuff.  My atttitude has been better this week, and Honestly, I think my spanish is improving more beacuse of the attitude I have.  BE HAPPY!
Russel M Nelson came on Tuesday and talked about the Book of Mormon the whole time-- See the Oct. Ensign.  It's awesome.  He's such a funny apostle!  I didn't realize how funny they were until they crack jokes during their talks at the MTC.  it's awesome.
MADDI MOFFAT!!! she entered the MTC yesterday, and she wasn't here 5 minutes before I saw her!  Hopefully we'll get to see eachother a lot.  So cool!  I was really excited.  She looked happy (and a little deer in the headlights) and excited to be here.  YAY!
I played Piano 2 weeks ago for the Departing Devotional for the missionaries leaving (I don't know if I mentioned that) and this past sunday in Sacrament Meeting I accompanied Elder Krantz (now in Guatamala MTC) singing "Consider the Lilies."  One of the best classical Voices I've heard in a long time.  Not opratic, just beautiful.  what a priveledge to accompany someone like him.  Next Thursday i'll audition for the "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" hymn, and Peter MacArthur is going to play for me!  I love knowing people here :)
Hopefully I'll get my travel plans today.... and if not, within the next week.  Elder Bell's Sister handmade me a friggin SICK tie.  I'll send pictures.
I love you and Miss you guys!  and I'm 2 minutes over time, so I have to go.
Con Amor,
Elder Cole Moffat