September 15, 2011

5 Full Weeks Down, September 15, 2011

Gracias a Los Eyres, Holbrooks, Madre, Abuelos Davis, Los Whittles, Hna. Dawson, y mi Familia de Michigan!  Me gustan las cartas y cajas!  Continuen a enviarmelos!
Congrats, Hayden on Voicemale!!  Please write me and tell me all about it.  and the rest of your life.  And for the people who asked, yes, we go to the temple weekly.  It's a great experience.  Congrats to Landon Eyre;  he recently recieved a mission call to Bolivia! (which mission?)  What a perfect day to leave, too!  I'm realizing that Spanish is such a beautiful Language.
So, This past sunday was September 11th.  The Fireside that night was a memorial for 9/11/01.  It was wonderful.  MTC President Brown showed a Commemorative video that showed real footage from that morning.  It was really sad, but I never felt so Patriotic in my life.  The only thing that really really got me was at the end when it showed little kids crossing themselves and praying to their God.  So Powerful.  Then President Brown showed us the Music and the Spoken Word from this past Sunday Morning, a 10-year anniversary Mormon Tabernacle Choir Memorial.  That was really really awesome as well!  God Bless America!
I also taught a Gospel Doctrine Lesson on Sunday again, this time on our purpose.  We focused on Faith and Repentence, Faith vs. Belief, how we show our faith, all that good stuff.  Very insightful lesson from the discussion that happened, not from what I actually prepared.
Elder M. Russell Ballard came and spoke in the Tuesday Devotional!  "No matter what... round up your shoulders and bear it"  Was the essence of the first half of his message.  the second half was all about his advice to us as missionaries.  Keep it simple.  Exercise as strongly as you can your faith in Jesus Chirst.  Pray with Faith and Determination.  Get yourself prepared to share any aspect of the Gospel at any time (in Spanish).  "Be Wise, and Don't Compromise."  and his parting words, "Trust, SErve, Pray, Dedicate, and Commit." Great words from an Apostle.
In our lessons we've been doing really well.  Between Elder Gehring and I, we can usually answer most questions Sonya or Vichenzo have.  It's hard, but we find a way to communicate our answers and thoughts, whether their questions be doctrinal, logistics, whatever.  It's a great feeling, but we both have so much more work to do to be ready for Chile!
No tengo mas tiempo para escribir.  Pero yo sé que esta es la obra del Señor, y que el Evangelio de Jesucristo puede traer felicidad a todas personas y familias en el mundo.  Yo sé que podemos regresar a nuestro Padre Celestial en el futuro, y que nos ama mucho y quiere que volvamos con él otra vez.
Siempre Con Amor,
Elder Moffat.