September 11, 2011

Just about half way through the MTC, Sept. 8, 2011

Thanks for the letters/ packages Mom, Dad, DR, and will!  Keep 'em coming!
Michigan sounds like fun!  I'm so happy the Myers got to go with you, too!  what a blast!  (too bad there weren't any "strawberry's" though :)  And I'm glad that Lulu and Will are all settled in and adapting to college life.  and I would imagine having a bus buddy, Lucy, is very helpful.  It also sounds like School is going well for everyone in VH.  I bet it's getting busy with soccer starting up and everything!
Wow! I've been here for almost a month! kind of wierd to realize that.  News for the week- we had to move buildingsbecause they're renovating the building we were in!  We moved this morning, but it was a real hassle.  The rest of our zone is in building 3M, but we got moved from 14M to 16M!  So we're not even with the rest of our zone/ branch.  and we might have to move again in a few weeks to 3M.  Ugh so frustrating!  but it's okay.  The Building location is actually better.   Closer to the main part of theMTC where we have class, meals, church, gym, laundry, etc. But the other people on our floor..... we'll see.
So We've been teaching "Sonya" this week (our teaching being someone she taught on her mission) and everything has been going really well!  Our spanish is improving and getting quicker, but obviously everyone needs to keep practicing and studying the language.  Our district tends to have a hard time (in general) focusing inside and outside of class, which is not a good thing for the MTC.  But we're working on that. Anyway, Sonya is doing well, and is starting to open up to us, particularly about the poor relationship she has with her husband.  Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalms 18:1-3 are good scriptures for her-- and just great scriptures in general.  Good reminders to keep trusting in the Lord and relying on Him.
This past weekend was mission conference!  We had a lot of great instruction from a lot of very insightful people.  A lot of it focused on how to teach better, obedience, faith, repentence.  "Man's extremity is God's opportunity."  Obedience is the price we pay for Faith.  Obedience isn't a matter of understanding, but of conversion.  Faith unto obedience is what gives you power.  "Obedience is the best indicator for our love for God" (PMG 72).  Repentence is Faith in Prayer when we aren't as obedience as we should be.  Keep your focus on Christ, or else we'll start sinking like Peter started to.  Then, Sis. Fugal (wife of a counselor in our branch presidency) taught an epic lesson that showed the history of the Earth and how God always knows what's going on and he had a plan.  It totally explains the need for a restoration.    and Again, the devotional was on how to teach people better.  Teach people, not lessons.  Best quote from Tuesday Devo: "Decisions Do Determine Destiny."
Well, I'm out of time.  So, until next time, I miss you and love you guys!  Be happy!
Elder Cole Moffat