April 2, 2013

Short Lived Trio, March 25, 2013

Elder Felipe´s new companion will get here tomorrow, so he´ll go to Monumento in Maipú to whitewash and train his new companion.  It was a short 2 weeks with him here, but it was fun.  Chao Elder Felipe.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday package!  I love it!!! just stuffed with candy.  can´t get much better than that.  and Letters from Lauren Gui and DonnaRae.  Thanks!   

Tell people they now can email me, too!  cole.moffat@myldsmail.net

This week we had a really good week.  We found a lot of new investigators, taught a lot of lessons, had our investigators with fechas come to church and really show a desire to learn more.  it was great.  Lots of Ecuadorians.

Speaking of Ecuadorians, I did my first baptismal interview!  He´s Ecuadorian. super cool guy.  and the interview was a wonderful experience.  Seriously.  It´s so cool to sit down with investigators you´ve never met, but who really want to get baptized, and have them tell you how they recieved a testimony of the gospel, and their relationship with God and Christ, and what it means to them to have a living prophet today, and have them "[witness] unto the church that they truly repented of all their sins" (Moroni 6:2).  I loved it.  and I definitely felt the confirmation of the spirit telling me that this young man was ready, willing, and sincere in his desire to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ.

We´re also now teaching a deaf investigator, a daughter of a member who´s reactivating.  She´s super cool too.  She can kind of hear if she has her hearing aids in, and can read lips really well.  So we try and speak clearly, and she teaches us sign language, and we get along and are ALL able to learn.  she´s come to church twice, now, and came to a mass family home evening at someone else´s house with her member mom and not-yet-member dad.

is it a fad in the united states for girls to wear transparent shirts, or is that just here?  because we sure see a lot of them.  yuck.

We´re also learning a little bit of keechwa, the native indiginous language of Ecuador (there are a lot of otavalans in our sector).  niuka yachane tucuita. jako! They´re super humble people, and always friendly and just really really humble. I love them. Always just happy and smiley.

Well, that´s all for this week, folks!  I love you!  

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cole Moffat