April 22, 2013

Interesting Week, April 15, 2013


Well, we definitely had an interesting week!

Thursday night, we were out with Mosiah, a 17 year old young man in the ward, and went to go visit Ana, who got baptized in January.  We saw a note on the door that said "Elderes."  I thought, oh no... she´s not here.  She left her phone at work, and after working all day, went back to work a night shift.  So we were thinking about what we could/should do at 9:00 at night.  Just then, this dad and his 13 year old daughter walk up to us and ask (but in Spanish) "Do you know of anywhere we could rent a room for the night?  We got in this morning from Quito, Ecuador, and we need a place to stay for tonight."  We thought about it for a minute, and then were like, "Hey!  Let´s go to the chapel!  maybe there are some people there that can help you-- maybe the bishop, too."  As it turns out, he had planned to stay with a friend, or a friend was going to organize something, but then bailed once this guy and his daughter got to Chile.  what a great friend, eh?  So we called some people, and long story short, they went to stay at Violeta´s house.  She got baptized in December.  But we had to run to our pension and grab the extra mattress and bring it over there, and it was intense.

I also participated in a priesthood blessing that was given in Kichwa.  super cool.

Well time ran out REAL quick.  So I´ll write more next week.... hopefully.

Last week with Elder Strong, then he goes home!!!

love you

Elder Cole Moffat