April 22, 2013

Strong Gone, April 22, 2013

Thus ended the 8 weeks of the Moffat-Strong duo.  See you later, Elder Strong. Have fun in California and Singapore.

How´s the family doing?!?  sounds like Spencer had a great performance!  hey, get better, Luke.  And I´m thinking that Hayden is so stressed and busy that he doesn`t read these anyway hahaha

This week was interesting.  we had 4 people in the pension Monday night thru Friday evening.  Elder Enamorado had to do a class here in Republica on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then he and Elder Strong had to go to the temple on Friday, so Elder Enamorado and Elder Harman came in from the coast and stayed with us in our already small apartment.  fun stuff.  One day, Elder Harman and I went to go contact a reference we got from the office.  Her name is Jenifer, and she´s really cool.  We had a wonderful conversation in the lobby of her apartment building and she`s really really interested in hearing more.  She said, and I quote, "I know that I want to get to God, but I just see all the different ways people say you can and can`t do it, and I just don`t know which one I should take.  Basically, I know I want to get to God, I just don`t know how to get there.  I´m looking for a guide."  We have a return appointment with her this week.

It´s been a really weird past few days.  Elder Zachary Cummings was a missionary that served here and went home 2-3 months after I got to Chile.  He was the mission secretary, Zone Leader in Republica, served in San Miguel, and a few other places.  After he left the office, he went to Republica, and Elder Strong was one of his comps in Republica (a year and a half ago), the first time Elder Strong was in Republica.  Basically, it looks like Elder Cummings and I had very similar missions.  Well, his wife gave him a surprise 1 year anniversary present:  Trip to Chile/South America!  So yesterday we went around to a bunch of houses with "Brother Cummings" and his wife--so Elder Strong could say his goodbyes and Zach Cummings could say hi to all the same people.  It was a really interesting and fun day.

Then today, Elder Wilcox´s parents got in to pick him up!  They´ll be visiting a bunch of people this week.  So we talked about Mindy and Eldon, Paige, Kate, Garrett, and Ryan for a bit.  They had room in their rent a car, so they took us back to my sector, which is close to their hotel.  They were thankful for an Elder who could tell them how to get around Santiago in a car without dying.  On the way, we stopped by some member´s house in Riconada, Elder Wilcox´s first sector-- when he, too, was with Elder Fuhriman!  Small world.  Surreal weekend.

Elder Strong was a great companion.  I really really enjoyed our 8 weeks together.  I definitely look forward to seeing him after the mission.  We made some great memories in the sector.

Tomorrow I find out who my comp is.  He´ll probably be my last companion in the mission.  But president did say something about possible companions.... plural....  We´ll see tomorrow.

Love you guys!  thanks for ally your love and support!