June 14, 2013

Hey!, April 29, 2013

Hey family!  how are you doing?!  I´m doing okay, still here in Republica.  CRAZY week, let me just tell you that.

Monday, I took Elder Strong to the office, and spent the day with the wilcox´s and Elder Harman and Elder Carty.  They stayed the night in Republica, and we had some good lessons.  Then Tuesday was when it got crazy.  We get to changes meeting, and I find out my new companion is Elder Rodriguez from Hidalgo, Mexico.  He goes home 3 changes after I do.  So in the middle of the meeting, the assistants get a call-- all the provo MTC missionaries that were supposed to arrive in the mission on Wednesday came a day early and were waiting at the airport Tuesday morning!  Two weeks of planning the logistics of changes week by the assistants, down the drain!  I know just how basically impossible that is.  So Elder Morgan, Elder Stetler, and I offered to help out in any way we could as ex-office Elders.  President was very grateful for the offer, and so we went to work!  I was substitute secretary for a day!  haha I did the new missionary training for the new Provo MTC missionaries, did mission shopping for pillows, etc.  Good stuff. Meanwhile, my new comp went back to the zone with other missionaries-- I felt kind of bad for meeting him, and then immediately having to give him to another companionship for the day.  Anyway, at about 4:00, I saw an email that basically said, SURPRISE!!!! the mission is going to recieve an extra missionary from the Chile MTC--- we got the notice after President had picked him up.  yep.  surprise.  So at about 5:00, my work was done and Elder Stetler and I headed back to go be with our comps.  Then President called me..... "Hey Elder Moffat!  Are you still in the office?" "No, we´re in the metro."  "Oh, well thanks for all your help today.  And for all your hard work, I have a surprise for you-- another companion!!"  Yep, the surprise missionary is also my companion!!!  Elder Silva is from Peñaflor, and is waiting a few weeks for his visa to clear so he can go to his mission in Ecuador Guayaquil South.  I actually met him one time on divisions my first or second change in the mission.  small world, eh?  So basically, we´re training him--- without going to the trainers meeting, without going to the temple, and without any sort of instruccions.  Yay!  Good thing Elder Rodriguez just got done training!

So yes, we´re in ANOTHER trio.  my 5th and 6th companions in this sector.  But it´s fun.  they´re both good guys and good missionaries.  I wish I was as good as Elder Silva my first week in the mission!

Also, Last night we had a very humbling and sacred experience.  I´ll tell you on skype in a few weeks, but I definitely have a very strengthened testimony of the power of the priesthood now.  It really made me think of  the "Sanctify yourselves" mormon message.  here´s the link so you can watch it:  http://www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages?cid=HP000041&lang=eng#sanctify-yourselves

Also, upon seeing a fellow ward member in urgent need of a priesthood blessing, I realized a few things.  I realized just how much I have come to love the people in this ward.  I realized how much I have come to love the people in all my wards, now looking back on it.  And that made me understand just a little more just how much God loves his children. It hurts him to see his children suffer, and his arms of mercy can be all-enveloping if we choose to receive, see, and feel it.  I always wants to help us, and in many instances, he sends help in the form of other people. Often times, we are those children of God who are suffering, and we need to be humble enough to ask for and/or accept the help that God sends us through other people.  Even more often, we need to be those people that God sends to help the suffering.  We must always be willing and looking for ways so serve  and help other people. God hopes and expects that we always we worthy and willing to lift those that have fallen, to encourage those who are downtrodden, and especially as priesthood holders, worthy and willing to bless the lives of those in need through the power of God.  We must always keep ourselves worthy.  “Be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord,” says Isaiah.  And as Joshua says, and as I know is true, for I have seen it,  "Sanctify yourselves: For tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you."

I love you.

Elder Cole Moffat