June 14, 2013

Cortito, May 27, 2013

Again, not a lot to write about.  Well, really, not a lot of time left.  that´s the real thing.

Thanks for all the emails, fam!  It´s good to hear from the cousins.
Hey.  Mom, Dad, and bros.  There are a lot of ecuatorians in this sector that make and sell beanies.  There comfortable and warm. and cheap.  I´m going to  buy some for you guys.  what colors do you want?  I need each of you to send me a color.  In can be mixed or stripes.  Also, for the bros, I can get you a sick wool pancho, a wool zip up jacket, or a chilean soccer jersey.  You  guys can pick individually, and I´ll get them and bring them home to you.
Mom, I need a brownie recipe.  thanks!

OH YEAH!  This week we went with Raul Maire (baptized in Feb) to the temple to do baptisms! I brought 2 of my own names.  It was really cool to actually be baptized for them.  And Elder Rodriguez got to confirm his grandpa!  Raul did baptisms also.  He, in his own super calm way, couldn´t get over just how cool of an experience it was.
Tomorrow, we´ll be going to the temple as a zone.  I´ll do the work for one of my own ancestors. I´ve never done that before, so I´m excited to have the opportunity and experience of going through the temple for them.  If you guys want to/can go to the temple tomorrow, or at least this week, I invite you to do it.  The temple is such an important part of our worship.  Do it!

Well, that´s all, folks.

I love you!
Elder Cole Moffat

ps- can you send me maddi moffat´s email address?  thanks!