June 14, 2013

Quick letter, another baptism, May 13, 2013

I loved the Skype call on Saturday.  And then that night we had a baptism!  so it was a great day!!!!!

Benjamín got baptized!  He was so excited.  He´s 9 and his mom is now back active in the church, his sister got baptized almost 2 years ago, and now he has taken the step.  and his dad even came!  big step.  I confirmed him on Sunday (I guess that´s my unofficial job here in the ward-- I´ve confirmed the last 3 people who have gotten baptized!)

Yesterday we were also walking somewhere, and even though we knew we wouldn´t be able to actually get in the house, I felt like we should just go anyway.  And on the way there, we ran into a lady who stopped us and asked us where the church is in the sector.  She moved here 3 months ago from la Paz, Bolivia, and was there with her inactive sister.  And she said "But I´m not baptized yet." Golden!  We told her where the church was, and actually went by her house to pick her up for an activity later that night!  and immediately the people there became her friends.  As it turns out, all her kids are baptized, her sister and her family are all Mormons, and her brother in law is a Bishop.  I told her that I had a friend serving in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and she immediately said, "Oh where the temple is!  My sister and brother in law are temple workers, and I've been to the temple grounds- obviously not inside-- but I love it.  It´s so pretty!"  We´re really excited to teach her.  And I now have an even stronger testimony that the lord often leads us to people.  And, oftentimes, he leads them to us, too!

I love you guys!

Elder Cole Moffa