April 22, 2013

Conference, April 8, 2013


My last conference in the mission!  Sad.
I love Conference. 
 Here are some highlights:

65,000+ missionaries.  58 new missions.  oh yeahhhh
Boyd K Packer said that there are few powers greater than that of a righteous mother.  Keep praying for me and my investigators, mom!
Dean M. Davies said that praying and scripture study should be as natural (and necessary) as eating and breathing.  is it?
What e´er thou art, act well thy part.
Henry B Eyring said that through simple acts of obedience, we can feel more of God´s love.  As he said that, I thought, "God will always accept my invitation for him to stay with me.  But I can only invite him through my actions, my sincere desires, and my broken heart and contrite spirit."  Let`s invite the power of God into our lives.
Richard G. Scott told us that we always need to have a Christ-centered home that can be felt-- a home that invites and is attractive to people who may not have a Christ-centered home.  Let´s have that kind of home.  He also said that if for some reason we can`t do it all at once, we should live worthily so that Heavenly Father can tell us what we should emphasize right now.
Then Quentin L. Cook just kept on going like it was a direct continuation of Elder Scott´s talk.  I was seriously amazed.  Righteous living will always be rewarded with personal peace.
Stanley G Elis.  Stick to the basics.  The Lord is hastening his work on EVERY side.  Bloom where you`re planted.
David A Bednar.  Law of Chastity.  ´Nuff said.  He had a wonderfully potent quote there at the end about those that think the law of chastity is something archaeic.  Beautiful.
Robert D. Hales said that we should make a life plan.  Probably a good idea.  do it.
Tad R. Callister.  The priesthood in a boy is just as powerful as then priesthood in a man when used in righteousness.  I know that`s true.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf had a wonderful "title" talk.
Henry B. Eyring definitely emphasized member missionary work. 
Thomas S. Monson:  Search the scriptures with diligence (not just reading, and not just once in a while).  Plan your life with purpose (another life plan comment...).  Teach the truth with testimony (It`s hard to go against someone´s personal testimony).  Serve the Lord with love.  Christ is the missionary who redeemed mankind.
Dieter F Uchtdorf talked about darkness and light.  start where you are, turn your heart to the lord, and then walk in the light.  not darkness.  I testify that Jesus Christ is the light.
Neil L Andersen also talked about member missionary work. and how we can share the gospel and stuff.... sound like a reoccurring theme?
L. Whitney Clayton.  Watch and learn.  Humility is the essence of repentance.
L. Tom Perry´s talk may have been one of my favorite talks.  Just about everyone accepts the 10 commandments as a good standard and just about the most accepted and basic moral code we have written.  but as a society, we really only follow 4 out of the 10: stealing is bad, killing is bad, lying is bad, and children should honor and respect their parents.  But what happened to putting God as our first priority, not worshiping statues or graven images, not taking his name in vain, keeping the sabbath day holy, not committing sexual sins, and not envying?  Obedience to law is Liberty.
Thomas S. Monson gave a wonderful talk on Obedience... another reoccurring theme...
Jeffrey R Holland´s talk was so good that I only took a few notes and just wrote, "Definite study-later talk."
Dallin H. Oaks as well.  But I did write "Daily kneeling prayers as a family."
Enrique R. Falabella said that we shouldn`t just know the gospel, we should  live it.
From Erich W. Kopischke´s, talk I thought, "if everyone needs to be accepted,then a) i´m going to seek acceptance from good sources, and b) I need to be a good, positive source of acceptance for other people, and in so doing, I need to point them to Christ.
Bruce D. Porter.  Doubt Not, Fear not.  for He is not here.  He is risen.  I testify of that.
D. Todd Christofferson just really opened my eyes to the Redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and the redemptive power we can have in the lives of other people.  Family History and Temple Work are forms of redemption.  Helping people is redeeming work.

phew.  awesome conference. http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2013/04?lang=eng  watch and read them again.

I love you guys!
Elder Cole Moffat