March 5, 2013

New Comp, March 4, 2013

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY TO COLE this week!
Friday, March 8th.

Hey, there.  I´m still here in Republica.  I¨ll probably be here forever.  But now I´m with Elder Strong!  He´s a great guy.  He goes home at the end of April, in 7 weeks.  He´s from Sacramento, California, born in Canada, and his mom is from Singapore.  He just came from El Sauce, my first sector!!  It was fun to catch up and compare stories from that sector.

But, Elder Strong´s second sector was Republica.  Then he went to Maipu, then Ochagavia, then El Sauce, and now he´s back in Republica!  All the members know him and recognize him and stuff, so he´s already got their confidence and trust.  We´ve been able to go back to some old investigators he had from a year and a half ago, which has really helped improve our teaching pool.  Yeah!  good stuff.

This week, we realized that there are a lot of gringos here on study abroad.  and the university they´re studyng at here in Chile is in our sector.  So we were able to have some nice English conversations with some real life gringos!

We have some awesome investigators now, and we have some fechas.  yes!!!

Well, that´s all folks.  Talk to you guys next week!

Elder Cole Moffat