November 24, 2012

General Conference Week, October 6-8, 2012

October 6, 2012

I´ll just write a little bit here.  Don´t feel bad, it´s raining here, too.

CONFERENCE!  That first session was just amazing!!!  Incredible.  So much doctrine, so many things to apply.  I´ll definitely have to go back and read it.

This week we didn´t really get out much becuase of a new thing our mission is doing.  If you look in Preach My Gospel, you´ll see some reports/records.  There are teaching records to keep track of what you´ve taught to investigators.  There are progress reports that are turned in to the local leaders to help them help your investigators, the less actives, and the recent converts.  Lots of records and reports.  Our mission just created a new record with it´s own binder and program to help us a) be more efficient with our time, b) work better with members, c) have more investigators with friends, and d) improve the retention.  So rolling out that program was a LOT of office work, but it definitely will help the mission.  the North mission started it a few months ago, and their baptisms have gone up like 200%+ and their retention is doing a lot better, too!  So I´m really excited for it.

CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD!  I just can´t stop thinking about it.  There are 14 Americans in a room with tables and food, watching Servants of the Lord on a HUGE projector and taking notes.  Few things better.

That´s all for now!  I hope everyone is doing well!  Have fun in Florida!

Elder Moffat

October 8, 2012

Conference was amazing! .  I loved how pretty much the entire Sunday Afternoon session was all being about a true Disciple of Christ (conversion, love, etc.).  The fact that they choose their own topics and they were all in the same theme is yet another testimony to me that the messages given in General Conference are inspired and that the central theme of the talks are really, REALLY what we need to hear in this era.  Also, how´s family history coming?  Palazo to the church membership in general....

After the conference we got to meet with one of the recently active members in our ward, Juan.  This is the guy that just amazes me every time I talk to him.  Extremely insightful.  He stopped and asked us "how many worlds are there?"  and we were like... "umm, we don´t know."  "Well then, what is a world?"  We started to give an answer, then he was like "Wait, let me ask the better question.  Can one man change the world?"  and We were like "Well Christ did" and he said "Okay, like a common man, not Jesus Christ.  I´m talking like you and me.  Normal people."  and we talked about the honey bee example from Saturday Conference.  which led into we can´t change the world alone, but with many we can.  and he had an amazing insight.  "Alone you may not be able to change the world.  But you can sure change someone´s world."  He then explained how one young man went and passed by his house one day to just visit him and see how he was doing.  That one act by one man changed his world forever.  He is now back active in the church and progressing toward becoming an Elder and eventually going to the Temple.  That one man changed Juan´s world.  And now Juan is changing other people´s world.  So yes, one person can change the world.  They can change someone´s world.

Funny things by the request of DAD:
You guys should have seen the huge supermarket here-- Líder, it´s like Walmart.  We walked in to buy some labels at like 9:00 at night (little office emergency).  it was a ZOO.  I was amazed.  Think of the VH Target.  Imagine every single register having a line halfway back the store, with all the carts basically touching, each full (almost overflowing) with crap.  Then imagine the 8 registers closest to the electronics section being the 10 items or less registers.  Now there´s only one line for those registers, and when you get to the front of the line, you just go to the next available of the 8 registers (like checking in at the airport).  Now imagine that line over through the electronics  along the wall, and down 80% to the back of the store.  On a MONDAY NIGHT!  WHAT?  then we realized that it was the 1st of the month, people had money, and they were just splurging and spending it all.

Also, we heard of a member of a ward that proposed from the pulpit during a testimony meeting.  The next week she went to the pulpit and said yes.

Elder Cole Moffat