November 24, 2012

Cool Reference, November 10, 2012

Hey fam!

So this week, we got an awesome reference from a member from another ward in the stake.  The reference lives in our sector, and on Thursday we went to visit her.  Rosa is just an amazing person with a lot of faith in God.  She´s going through some really hard times with just a lot of challenges and trials in her life, and she basically bore testimony to us that she knows they´re just trials to see if she´ll stay faithful to God, and so she is.  It was a wonderful privilege to share with her and her daughters on Thursday night.  We have another appointment with her tonight, and we´re going to share about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth.  She´s already been church in her friend´s ward a few times and loves it.  She actually felt like it was the true church of God and that the other church she had been going to for 12 years was just missing something.  She has a Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles manual already and is reading a lot.  Her 2 of her daughters are also interested in the message we share.  I felt humbled as she bore her testimony of faith and prayer.  I now think to the activity in Preach My Gospel that asks you to analyze your prayers and see how you can make your prayers more meaningful.  We all have a long way to go, I believe.

We went to the feria today, and I bought some things for you guys!  I´ll send them here pretty soon, and it will be your christmas/ next bday present.  Don´t worry, I´ll bring home some stuff at the end of the mission, too.

The only political note I´ll make:  One of the Elders in the office is Canadian.  I´m sporting a Canadian flag tie tack today in the office.  I might move to Canada after I graduate from BYU.

Other than that, Not much to comment on here.  Except that I´m a little behind on my Book of Mormon reading... I´m only in Alma 2, when I should be in Alma 20something.  But I´ll get caught up, don´t worry.  I love reading the Book of Mormon.  It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.  Now as I mark all the doctrines and principles taught in the Book of Mormon, I can really see that there is something taught in every chapter of the Book of Mormon.  There´s always something more to learn.  I don´t have a perfect knowledge of everything, therefore I must always continue learning.  I love the Book of Mormon.  Are you all reading every day?  I hope so!  Share something you learned this week with me and someone else.  Testimony + sharing it = stronger testimony.  sí o sí.

I love you guys!  Not a long letter, but I did a recording I´ll send to you.

Elder Cole Moffat