November 24, 2012

New Change, October 27, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!  I have something for you, but I think I´ll send it with some other stuff to save on shipping.  So you might need to wait a few more weeks.  You´ll love it, though.

Technically, we started the change a week and a half ago, but I was so wrapped up in hearing Elder Bednar that I forgot to comment on changes.  They went smoothly, and I´m training my office replacement!  Elder Molina is learning how to be secretary, like when Elder Gimenez taught me back in June and July.  He´s from Honduras, but speaks near-perfect English because he went to an international school for a lot of years.  He´s kind of a quirky kid, but aren´t we all?  No, he´s a good companion. We´ve actually gotten out into the sector this week-- it was really refreshing-- and he is a really good teacher!  He can control lessons really well.  Control lessons, that probably sounds weird.  He´s really good at teaching, and he´s really good at keeping the lesson (and the people) focused.  That´s what I mean by controling lessons.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, and that´s really hard if every time you try and bring up faith or Jesus they start talking about their favorite soccer team or elections or whatever.  "y de dogmas no hablarás."  So Elder Molina is good at helping people stay focused in lessons.

We were out contacting last night, and we went over by Juan´s house.  Juan is a recently active member who´s just a máquina.  And as we were walking, we ran into him and talked for a bit.  He had asked for some pamphlets, some láminas de Cristo (I honestly don´t know how to say that.  the like 8x12 pictures of Christ things...), and some Book of Mormons to pass out to coworkers.  That was just a few days ago, and he already needs more!  What a great member missionary.  And he says that he does it not just because it´s his duty as a member, not just because the prophets always say it, but because he loves the Lord and wants to humble himself before God by participating in his work.  He´s just an amazing person.  Truly an example to me.  We have a ward activity today... in less than an hour... and Juan has invited a LOT of people.  I swear he´s invited most people he actually knows well and is friends with.  So anyway, he was telling us about this last night, and so we just asked him, "Hey do you want to come with us for like 20-30 minutes and knock some of your neighbors´ doors?"  He thought a bit (it was 9:20pm), and then was like "How can I possibly reject an offer like that" and just started walking towards a house to go knock it.  We ended up talking to a girl named Mariela, and Juan just bore pure, powerful testimony backed up by brief personal experience.  It was much better than having just the missionaries go knock some doors.  Members are the key. I can honestly testify of that.

This morning, we went to Santa Lucia, which is this artisan fair downtown.  I bought a sweet wallet (I needed a new one) for $3.500 pesos, about $7.00 USD, and some other stuff that I´m going to send home.  But I also found a PONCHO!!!  Like the brown one you have dad!!!!  But I didn´t buy it, because it was pretty expensive.  the equivalent to $130 USD.  There are a few other things I want to buy to take home after the mission.  So I´ll definitely do that either my last change or when you guys are here.  My wallet has a Llama on the back of it.  It´s awesome.

I love you guys!  Happy birthday, dad!  and have wonderful performances, Hayden!  I´m so proud of you!!!

Elder Cole Moffat