November 24, 2012

Duty Calls, October 13, 2012

I sent a recording of the thing that happened on Thursday night, but to recap (because it´s a 30 min recording), We were working, and in the morning we were out doing pension inspections with Hna. King.  That was fun.  so we got back to the office and basically started the "workday" really late.  So we were still in the office at 7:20 when Elder Morgan got a call.  I was just about to do all the visa prep for the missionaries that did their visas on Friday.  And Elder Morgan got that call, and had to make some other calls, and all of a sudden was like, "Sorry Elder Moffat, we gotta go.  Now.  We have to go take someone to the hospital."  He´s the medico, so we had to do it.  A sister missionary was walking with her companion and a ward member, and this dog stuck it´s head out of the fence and bit the sister missionary in the arm!  We found out later is was a pitbull and there were 5 teeth holes in her forearm with a little torn muscle!  Anyway, we go pick them up from their sector and go to drive them to the emergency room (it was all cleaned out and bandaged up by the member who is a nurse), and when we get off at the exit to go from the northbound highway to the eastbound highway, it´s a parking lot of traffic.  Just bad.  So we get off at the next exit to make our way (without a map or GPS) to the hospital-- I´d never even tried it before.  So we´re on side streets, trying to make our way from Central/West Santiago to East Santiago, with two sister missionaries in the back, one of them still bleeding from being bitten by a Dog.  So at this point it´s 9:10 pm, and we´re a few blocks away from the hospital in TRAFFIC, and a red light.  As we´re waiting, we look over and there´s this ELDER on the corner!  Alone!  So we yell to him, he comes over to our car, and says, I don´t know what you guys are doing or where you need to go, but I need you to get me to the airport, NOW!  So he got in, and if necessary, we would drive him to the airport.  this was 9:10, his flight was supposed to leave at 9:50!  He was literally going home after 2 years of faithful service from a different mission in Chile, kinda far away, and was over by the temple all day, and the guy that was supposed to take him to the airport never showed up!  But someone else had already taken his luggage in the morning.  This other guy was supposed to take him as a plan B, but he was stuck in traffic, too, so the Area Office let him go run to meet the taxi guy somewhere!  but the Elder didn´t have his phone.  So we let him borrow ours, and the taxi guy, not knowing where we were, pulled up to an intersection right next to the hospital!  I hope he made it home safe.  So we drop them off and go park and finally meet them in the waiting area of the emergency room a little bit before 10:00 pm.  Finally, they get her in to be looked at at 11:00.  and we chill there, write some letters, and go eat in the hospital cafeteria (Elder Morgan already knew where it was!), and finally leave the Hospital at about 12:45am.  We have to drop them off at their apartment, go back to the office to drop off the car and ... finish the 10 minutes of visa prep, and we finally get back to our apartment at 2:07am.  WOAH.  And we had to wake up a little early Friday Morning.  it was a really interesting experience, and very tiring.  But a pretty intense night!  Duty calls.

It was great to hear from you, Mom, Luke, and Spencer!  You all speak wonderful English.  I don´t.

Congrats on district Band and Choir, guys!  I´m so happy for you!  I know the musical will be great, but I really know how you feel with the whole 2 week musical countdown stress, and especially if the pit is shrinking in numbers!  oh dang.  But I love you guys!

In the Book of Mormon, I´m noticing a lot about how much Nephi (and the Lord) talks about a) Obedience and b) Covenants.  Kind of shows the Importance of both things.
Until next week!

Elder Cole Moffat