November 24, 2012

Getting Ready for General Conference, September 29, 2012

Family!  Thanks for the recordings, mom!  and the pics from the burial.  I hope you´re doing okay.

Not too much to report this week.  Just that CRAZINESS is happening in the office.  Just a bunch of random things that are trivial to anyone not involved, but a big deal for keeping the mission functioning.  But we got to actually teach a few lessons this week, mostly to less active members.  Those are always interesting, and there are 2 types: the ones that want to progress that you help to progress, or the ones that liked the missionaries that don´t really care about progressing, who you, when you get there, help to want to progress in the gospel.  Fortunately, we have a lot of those first ones: those that want to progress and learn and apply and everything.  So that´s really good.

This week I´ve read a few chapters throughout the Book of Mormon.  Starting tomorrow, Sunday, we as a mission (and you guys, right?  well, at least mom has said she´ll do it) are going to start reading the Book of Mormon, and we´re going to finish in 85 days.  September 30-Dec 23.  And as a mission, we´re going to be marking a few specific things in the Book of Mormon (I think I shared that last week).  In preparation for marking names, attributes, and words of Christ, principles, doctrines, and references to the power of the word of God, all in different colors, I went to a few chapters to just practice and get my mind thinking that way.  It´s interesting how much more I´m learning, only having read a few extra chapters, especially learning how much doctrine and gospel principles are in the Book of Mormon.  It just jumps out at me.  As I´m consciously looking for doctrine, I find it in places I had never thought before.  Sometimes it´s talking about a specific person or situation, but the doctrine that is explained applies to all.  I love the Book of Mormon and cannot wait to read it again.  I can´t wait for you guys to be able to read it again.

Spiritual thought, Elder Bednar quoting Elder Packer (about teaching and learning by the Spirit) "If all you hear is what is said, then you haven´t really listened."  That was cool.  Just a little food for thought in preparation to listen to GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEK! and ELDER BEDNAR IN OUR MISSION ON OCTOBER 19!  Note taking tip from Elder Bednar.  If we write down just what the speaker says, we make the "large plates" of the meeting, the history of the meeting.  But if we write down impressions that come based on what the speaker says, we create our personal "small plates," the spiritual account of the meeting.  That is a whole lot more meaningful for us in our lives.  Also, we need to review our notes!

Let´s prepare ourselves for conference.  Let´s prepare ourselves to listen to and listen for the things that God wants us to learn and apply to our lives.

Elder Moffat