January 3, 2012

End of Cambio 2, January 2, 2012

Hola Familia!  Thanks for sending me your church Talk, dad.  I figured there´s not a whole lot to report this week either, so I read the talk.  It´s great!  Really quite interesting.  I don´t know if I told you, but Grandma sent me the life history of your Dad when I was in the MTC, and I read it then, and brought it with.  Truly an inspiration.  Journal writing has also helped me analyze the day better and record any impressions.  I´m going to try to move away from "we did this, then this, and then we walked here.... blah blah blah"  to more about feelings, the spirit, the work, notes to self for later, stories, and the hand of the Lord in my life.  Definitely.  And writing a weekly letter allows me to do sort of a week-in-review -- what were the most important things this week.  Stuff like that.  I have noticed it helps.

This week was busy, with the holidays, 2 different divisions, all that stuff, but still not a whole lot to report.   New Years eve was the calmest it´s been for me.  Just Elder Fuhriman and I chillin´in the pension.  We didn´t even have to look at the clock, because we definitely heard it when it was 12:00.  And when I got up at 7:30, I could still here some music playing outside.  But we had a nice hermana make us food and her kids came by and dropped it off, so we ate that at midnight, along with the hoho cupcake things... ohhh so nice to have the American kind of those, because we tried the chilean "penguino" kind and it's just not the same.  Anyway, we got home at 10:30, and at like 11:00/11:15, the Assistants called because it´s the end of the change, and they were calling to tel E Fuhriman the changes in his zone.

I HAVE CHANGES!!!  I´m packing today, and will find out tomorrow morning where I´m going and with who.  And 30 minutes after I find all that out, I´ll be on my way to that sector!  SO.  New Year´s Eve did bring some suspense.  But, being the end of the year, AND the end of my time in my first sector in Chile, it was and is a great time to do some reflecting, analyzing, goal setting, writing resolutions, all that.  I will say, I did take a few pages in my journal to write down lessons learned and goals to set.

New Years Day being a Sunday wasn´t so great for church attendance, though.  but you know the church is true because the doors were still open.  It didn´t close because of a holiday on the calendar.  The huge evangelico church, however, was closed.  Interesting.  Thus we see also that while the church of God is perfect, the people aren´t, but that´s why we have church -- to "perfect the saints" as pablo says.... Paul.  There we go.  (forgot his name in English for a second.)  Anyway, 30 people came to church, and Elder Fuhriman had the opportunity to speak on 10 minutes notice on Albedrío.  Great topic.

Anyway, yesterday we had 2 huge huge huge lunches.  Because family 1 invited us to lunch last week, and so they were our commitment.  Then on Saturday, family 2 was like, come over for our barbeque tomorrow!  "um, sorry hermana, we already have lunch.  we already have a compromiso.."  "Come anyway!"  "but we need to go to our other lunch."  "then don´t eat a lot and come right after."  "Well, we´ll try to pass by, but it´ll be at like 4 or 5, and we´ll only have a quick little bite of something."  That´s how it was left.   So as we finish eating Pastel de Choclo (ohhhhh so amazing!!!), more chicken and rice, a huge freaking cut of watermelon, cualquier ensalada, and quite a few glasses of pop, we get a call at 4:22 "¡Elderes!  ¿Donde Están?  ¡Estamos esperando!"  So we told them not to wait, and we´d be there in like 30 minutes.  We get there..... the table´s all set, cualquier ensalada on the table, and as we walk to the patio table, they´re like, " oh good! You´re here!"  And they bring out pork ribs, and T-Bone steak, and potatos and lots of Sprite.  And we were served one of everything -- with a huge bowl of peaches and cream to top it off.  I honestly don´t know how I ate it all.  and when I weighed myself at peñaflor´s pension (We went there last night), I gained 2-3 kilos from just 5 days earlier.  Oh dear....  but it was all really good food. yep.

Definitely going to make pastel de choclo when I get home.  And completos and churrazcos. hmmmmm

When I did some despedidas yesterday,  We took pictures.  I´ll try to send them!

Les Amo!  Chao!