January 24, 2012

Weekly update. Set a fecha! January 23, 2012

First, thanks for the updates mom and....dad-- with the huge list of baptisms!  If I´m ever in one of those stakes, I´ll be sure to look all of them up!  See if they´re living in my sector.  Also, thanks to Lauren Gobelman for the letter.  I try really hard to write people back quickly, but I literally have very very very little time to do anything like that!  But I try.

I heard something about an internet protest and a bunch of sites being shut down or something?  That sort of stuff isn´t really in my missionary vocab in Spanish, and when people were talking about it, I don´t know how much of it was real or if they were just misinformed.  Anyway, update on that?  Pinewood Derby congrats to LUKE!  Klondike.... yeah.  Good luck.

Divisions with Elder Shaum in the neighboring sector, and they share a pension with the Zone Leaders Elder Monsen and Elder Adair!  We had 4 of the 50 states in one pension!!!  Shweet.  Elder Shaum is a great missionary.  He´s got 4 or 5 months more than me in the mission, and he knows whats up.  I definitely learned a lot from him in that division.  And it was a nice break to speak English for a bit.  Even though it´s a lot of Spanglish.  Elder Monsen is so funny that way.  He´ll throw in a spanish verb and put -ed at the end of it to make it an adjective, and it´s so fluid for him, I´m not sure he knows he´s doing it some of the time.  but we all understand it which is the weird part.  Good division.  Oh example of the english/spanish and decreasing English knowledge.  I was just asked by an american here in internet how to spell "language."

I was also in the office for a day on Friday.  Nice time to chill and write some letters and study.  I don´t feel like explaining the whole situation of why I was there, but I was, and it was nice.

We set a fecha with Anamaría for March 10th, Hayden's Birthday!!  She´s golden.  She even told us that we´d need to come by more often because she realizes that there will be opposition in her life because she´s doing what Christ wants her to do, and el enemigo doesn´t want her to do it, and will try and throw her off.  So she´s like, you´ll need to come by pretty often to give me the support that I need!  yesssss she gets it.  Hopefully her animo will stay up like that.  (animo- a word in spanish that is just really hard to define in English.  So I use it in English.)

However, 0 investigators came to church, even though we taught and committed, and made the calls, and passed by people's houses and stuff.  That was a little saddening, but hey.  People have their agency, and I´m doing my part the best I can.  No estoy aqui para empujar ni obligar, sino invitar y ayudar a las personas a venir a Cristo.

Just got back from a tri-zone activity.  A barbecue and American football for a few hours.  American football!!!!  Oh the beauty of two-hand-touch American football.  Scored a few touchdowns.  Got some energy out.  Ate some hot dogs on maraqueta.  Good day.

Keep prayin for me!  I love you and miss you loads!

Elder Cole Moffat