January 31, 2012

Over half way through the change. January 30, 2012

Thank you for the emails, fam!  I really don´t have a lot of time to write today.  and I appologize for that.  Happy Birthday to Tia this last Friday!

Puppy chow recipe, please!!  Also soon I´ll be sending you a recipe for Humitas from a member.  SO GOOD!  Definitely gotta try it, mom.  Also, is Michael Dell Mormon?  because this member insists that he is, and I was like.... I´m pretty sure he´s not.  But my dad works for the guy/ his company, so I´ll ask him.  También, para que sepan, notecards don´t exist here.  kind of funny.  I found something similar enough for my purposes, but regular note cards do not exist, even in Líder store and school supply stores, even in this season of getting ready for school to start here.

This week, we had Zone Conference, and I took 6 pages of Notes!  Such a great experience.  President King gave a really really good discourse on Obedience, but started off proving the difference between Conocimiento and inteligencia, using scriptures, and using that to prove why obedience is so important.  Really quite interesting.  Obviously, every missionary needs to be more obedient in some way or another.  I personally, have a few specific things that I´m trying to improve, and Zone conference definitely gave me the little boost I needed.  With obedience comes spiritual power to demonstrate the authority has been given to us as called and set apart missionaries and representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We´re trying to represent a perfect being.  Yet another reason why obedience is so crucial.  Great great talk and counsel.  The other classes were good and edifying as well.  Definitely things I need to improve.  Just after Zone Conference Elder Glade and I had divisions.  I love that guy.  He only has a change more than I do, but has cualquier enthusiasm, and wants to work hard.  we made Chilean brownies in the microwave, too :)  without eggs, and it works!

This week, I read 2 incredible talks.  President Uchtdorf´s from Conference, and Elder Christofferson´s from this month´s Liahona/ Ensign.  Talks about asking and recognizing the daily bread we receive from God.  It hit me pretty hard.  It´s a talk I´ll be rereading throughout my mission, I think.  I strongly encourage those at home to read it.

Well, that´s all for now!  Love you!

Elder Moffat