January 16, 2012

Bautismo! Numero 2

First, thanks for the letters, Bennetts, Holbrooks, Val Dawson,
Michelle, Audrey, and mom for sending Christian/Michael´s letters, and
Eyre´s for the care package, with lots of very useful and necessary
stuff for the mission.

Quickly, sounds like home is a busy busy place, especially in this
time of finals and also the election coming up. when the absentee
ballots are available, would you mind sending one my way? Gracias. y
también, if you send glasses sometime soon, could you stick my other
memory card in there, too? Also, para que sepan, the Chacabuco or whatever
that address is is really old, and frankly I´m surprised I actually received a letter that was sent to that address. Make sure it´s Elder Cole Moffat //// Misión Chile Santiago Oeste //// Casilla de Correos 149 //// Av. Pajaritos 1921 ///// Maipú, Chile. and thanks for letting me in on some of your spiritual experiences you had this week, Dad. good to hear about all that good stuff at home!

Highlights of the week. I went on Divisions with Elder Belmar, from
Concepción, Chile. Loooottttsss of contacts, but my Spanish improved
and I´m a lot more comfortable with talking to people. And I bought
this doohicky that massages your head for mil pesos--- like $2.
Definitely worth it. ohhhh sooo great.

Also, President King´s good friend from way back-- Bro. Newman? Newell? something like that-- came to visit him, and he was a Mission president in Nebraska a few years back. Turns out he was Mission President for Chase Ricks and Michael Dunn, my RAs from BYU! So we talked about that, and he sent a picture of me to Chase, and I got to read the text back and stuff. Good
times. I went Downtown on Friday to do all the paperwork for my visa
and carnet (Chilean id card) and stuff. La Moneda was in that area
and on the way back, so we went and visited, and I´ll send that
picture. I also bought a La U polera/jersy. La U is La Universidad
de Chile -- even though it´s a professional soccer team and has no
afilliation with the University of Chile. It´s not an original, but
its a good fake and cost me $6.000 pesos. Pretty good. Other thing
that was really quite new for me: Breastfeeding your 2 year old while
sitting on a stool in the sidewalk while selling pan amasado. Need I
say more?

Gustavo got baptized!!! He is really really smart and knows a lot of
stuff--- he´s the ex physics professor, and has traveled Europe, and
unfortunately is in a rest home.  He´s really smart, and analytical, thinks
very logically. He can get hung up on a few little things, but he has
a testimony, and has committed himself to go to church every Sunday
for the rest of his life, unless he´s sick. And even then, in one day
he read 1 Nefi 1-19. He loves reading the Book of Mormon, and
cualquier otro libro. Good guy, and came up out of the baptismal font
with a smile. good day.

Tuve que presentarme y dar un discurso en la renunión sacramental.
discursé acerca de la oración y su importancia. also, we taught la
vida premortal en la primaria for 40 minutes... that was interesting.
Also, side note-- it´s weird how some things are just easier to say in
Spanish now. I don´t remember the last time I said the word prayer or
gospel or atonement, or anything like that. even with gringos, its
always la oración o el evangelio or la expiación, algo así.

I´m here, trying to work hard! Some days are good some days not so
good. But I try and tell myself that it doesn´t really matter,
because the good days outweigh the not so good ones. vale la pena.
I´m being obedient, and that´s what matters :)

¡Les Amo y echo de menos! ¡Que estén felices!

Elder Cole Moffat