January 11, 2012

I am in San Miguel! January 9, 2012

San Miguel!  Estoy en Barrio Las Avenidas en estaca San Miguel.  Dad, I remeber that you were in San Miguel at one point?  My borders are: San Nicolás to the North, Gran Avenida to the east, Lo Ovalle to the south, and Autopista Central to the west.  Departamental runs right through my sector.

It´s pretty small.  a bit smaller than my last sector.  It´s definitely more city-like though.  I mean, we´re in Santiago Proper, comuna san miguel.  It feels a bit like Evanston or Wicker Park or something like that.  It´s pretty rich, too.  I´ve seen lots of Audis and Mercedes and BMWs and stuff.  And the houses are a lot nicer, with lots of NICE appartment buildings.  We live on the 13th story of our building, for example.  And there´s a workout room (we have yet to use), a nice outdoor pool, a little balcany, ya know, the works.

My comp is Elder Callao, from Peru.  With just 6 days with a Latin, I can already see and feel my Spanish improving, because he hardly speaks a lick of English.  He knows the numbers, and "hot."  He´s working on learning to pray in English, which is where anyone should start in learning a language.  Prayer.  Sooo helpful (Hayden- do it :) ).  But having to speak 100% Spanish really helps with practicing, as you can imagine.  A bunch of the members here said they´re impressed with my Spanish, but I have sooo much more to go before I´m fluent.  But the practice surely does help move it along.

Quickly to comment on some things from your letters:  Hayden, good luck with finals.  You´ll do great!  I´ll be praying for you.  I´ll get the escritura for the wall plaque here within the next few weeks... sorry for the wait.  I´ll definitely write Landon today.  I didn´t forget about him, and I´ve been planning on writing him.  But good thing I know now to send it to the CCM in Lima!  Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Definitely will be writing him.  I´m writing in my journal about every other Day, but I´m going to try and write at least 5/7 nights a week.  I hope I don´t forget about some things that happen, though I know I will.  Dang.  Mom-- The Dorius´s are a senior couple here in the mission, working in the office, and they leave in a few months.  She called me a few days ago, and maybe has emailed you?  Don´t know.  But Hermana Dorius had a question, because her maiden name is Whittles with an s, and her dad or grandpa or someone is from Chicago... any information on if your name got changed without an s or anything?  She was wondering.  Dad, look up Aleluya by Il Divo.  Beautiful.  I have peanut butter from the states, because Líder sells Good Value products!!!!!!  It´s just down the street.

We also taught 24 Lessons this week: 12 of them were to non-members!  Gustavo is getting baptized this Saturday, confirmed on Sunday.  He´s 73 and lives in an old folk´s home.  He was a reference, and is really really smart and knows a lot.  He gets caught up on little details and doesn´t understand some basic things, but he loves coming to church (12 weeks), knows the Book of Mormon is true, and reads 5-10 chapters a day from it.  Interesting guy... you´ll see pictures next week.  Very, very, very dry humor that is hard to catch sometimes, but he´s a good guy.  We have 3 other baptismal dates for February, but if all of them get baptized on their date, it will be a miracle.  We´re working hard!  But I still need to learn to love even more, and to keep a good, positive attitude all the time.  Sometimes I just get frustrated when people don´t understand how amazing the Gospel is, and how Loving our Heavenly Father is for having this plan for us!  But, that´s why I´m here.  To invite children of God to come unto Christ, by helping them recieve the restored gospel.  (If you can, I really liked having those spiritual and uplifting quotes, mom :)

Also, we went downtown for my comp´s Visa renewal thing.  I miss the city and Chicago!

Well, I think that´s about it.  Until next week, I love you and miss you so much!  Keep writing, and tell me about at least 1 spiritual experience you´ve had each week.  :)

Love, Elder Cole Moffat