December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas, December 26, 2011

Well, I just talked to you guys on Saturday, so there´s not too much more to report.  We went to the Galvez´s on Christmas eve and had some homemade churrazco (soooo good).  They gave us gifts, which I really don´t expect from anyone in the mission, and am so grateful when it happens.  From Danilo and Mariela (the parents) we got some socks, which is honestly a good gift as a missionary.  And Mariela´s parents, the grandma and grandpa that live there, gave us this set with a pen, keychain, and nail clippers -- also something quite nice to have.  What nice people! Then went home and talked about family and stuff.  Again, I´m just so glad I have an awesome family like you guys.  I realize it sooo much more now.  Thanks, guys.  But then on Christmas, we went to church (started at 11).  40 people were there....  but I played piano for it.  Angels We Have Heard on High, Silent Night, and the First Noel.  Fun songs.  Short talk, then the bishop spoke, and we were done by 11:45.  La Familia Moreno came to visit Elder Fuhriman from his last sector in Rinconada in Maipú.  I´ve met them once before, and they´re just sooo awesome.  And they gave me Cakeballs!  que rico!  take a baked cake, mash the crap out of it or put it in a blender, and add in some frosting, peanut butter, nutella, whatever you want that will make it stick, roll them into balls, and put them in the fridge or freezer while you melt chocolate.  Then, roll them in the chocolate, and stick them on a pan or something, and the chocolate hardens (maybe in the fridge, too).  and these turned out absoluteley delicious!!!!  Anyway, then we went to Camila´s house for Christmas Dinner!   We made peanut butter cookies, ate munchies, then a whole lot of food.  And of course, talked about a lot of things.  I was so happy to hear that one of the things she´s looking for in someone is a temple marriage.  Soooo happy to hear it.  Anyway, I think this is the First Christmas where we ate outside, ate a barbeque, and had so many flies haha.  Great family.  And her little sister, Isidora, is so funny.  Then we tried to go to a few references, went around to some members and sang hymns to/with them, and spent last night at the pensión del barrio Manzano with Elders Madsen (DL) and Lopez.  Made BROWNIES!!!  and MAC AND CHEEEEESE!!  wow that was good.  And.... that´s Christmas as a missionary in Chile!

Also, we had the mission activity on Friday -- watched a Christmas Carol, listened to some talks, had a good lunch and sat with my MTC group. Then at the end there was a white elephant thing.  I got a pretty nice pen.  And President King bought every missionary the shirts from the 50th Anniversary Celebration ni navy blue.  There's a clip art thing on the front of a Mayan looking temple and in big letters, ¨CREEMOS.¨ It looks pretty awesome.  I absolutely love it.  I also came home with a gift from La Familia Martinez, from E Fuhriman´s last ward again, and I´ve seen them twice when they came to visit.  But they sent a gift to us that we got to the mission activity.  They bought me a freaking TIE!!  It´s a nice one, too!!!  I was like, woah.  They don´t even know me, and they´re sooo loving.  It was pretty awesome.  And the Chicago Bear´s shirt is sooo comfy.  I love it!

Make a new year´s goals/resolutions list!! and I´ll make one too.

I think that´s all I have to report, except that I call dibs on playing with the iPad for a little bit in 2013.  Unless you get something else really cool.  :)

Well, amor y paz y buena voluntad,
Elder Moffat