December 4, 2011

We got to write down a "1", November 28, 2011

Hola Familia!

First, a happy birthday to Lucy Myers and Luke Hanson, if you would let them know please, mom.

Also, because this week was changes, we didn't get pouch.  Hopefully I'll get your letter tomorrow, Mom.

Quickly to comment on your questions and other eventful stuff in your lives:  "Please DearElder" Maddi, Michael, and your weekly letters to me.  It would be free, and nice to have some hard copies to read later.  In terms of food, we just prepare breakfast and one other meal... like a usually small snack when we get home.  Sometimes we grab some churrazcos, completos, or as.  But lunch is prepared for us.  So I just make oatmeal in the mornings, most mornings.  cheap, quick, and easy -- and good for my heart.  Sometimes when we get home we make some noodles or rice.  I get 85 mil (85,000) pesos a month, which is about $170 American, plus a little more depending on what sector you're in and if you are a zone leader and stuff.  It's a very fair amount --and it carries over month to month so if one month I have to spend more than normal, I can have some saved up.  Every week we go to a different place for internet.  Oh my gosh.  The thing is, people just open and close their cybers at their leisure.  If they dont' feel like opening until 4 or 5, they don't.  If they want to take a 6 hour lunch, they will.  No notice, no schedule, no nothing.  So there have been quite a few p-days when we walk around for an hour to find a computer place.  There is no siesta here for us.  We eat at 2, then are supposed to do language study until 3:30 or 4 (4 for me because I'm new).  No sleeping.  We have time to exercise in the morning, but honestly usually I'm too dead tired to do pushups.  I'm starting to get a little better though and for example today, we played soccer for 3 hours!

Yes, I have fitted sheets.  Good to hear about turkey bowl goodness, FMSC, festivities, etc!  HAYDEN--- you made the play???? Congrats!!!!!  I'm sure you'll do sooo great.  I'm so happy for you.  You'll definitely have to keep me updated on all that.  IMEA sounds like it was a blast, and Eric Whitacre is awesome. Yes, I brought some of his songs with me on my ipod.  I never played Reverie, but I remember looking at it and being like.... woah, that's hard.  So props to you for doing it!  You'll have to play it for me!  Spencer, I hope your freaking busy busy busy busy scheudle is not wearing you down too much! haha

OKAY.  So, We got to write down a 1, not a 0 this week!  in what, you ask?  In the little line that says BAPTISM!!!  Camila got baptized this week!  I was sooo happy for her.  It's been a long time coming.  She was ready back in May, but then a few days before her baptism, her dad said she had to wait until she was 18.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and she had a lot of doubts these last few weeks, but finaly realized they weren't really her doubts.  They were other people's.  She realized that she has a really strong testimony and can not deny the Divinity and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  She was really ready.  I had to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and play piano for it too! 

Changes were this week, and we have some pretty cool new people.  Elder Muñoz is training an Argentino, we have a Canadian just 1 change ahead of me, and a new hermana.  The rest is the same.  The zone had 6 baptisms this month!  Yessss. 

As for our pension, we finished repainting it last Monday, and this past week we've moved our study desks and everything onto a bigger table in the bigger room.  Much easier to focus, and just feels better.  And it looks nice, too!  I'll take pictures once we finish sweeping everything up.

I haven't gotten the package or any paper letters from you yet, but hopefully they'll show up tomorrow.  They should if you sent them like a month ago...  ojalá.

Thanksgiving here was pretty... alright.  It's not celebrated down here at all, but we had really good chicken and rice for lunch, with a good dessert, too.  I also made a list in my journal of some of the things I'm thankful for.  And did the prayer with just thanking Heavenly Father.  It was really a good thing to do :)

I gave my first blessing in Spanish this week!  I've done the first part quite a few times, but Alfredo asked me to do the actual blessing.  Scary!  But I managed to get through it.

Well, I have to get off and write President King now...  I love you all and think about you guys a lot! 

Love and Baptism,
Elder Cole Moffat