November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, November 21, 2011

Hola! Gracias a Abuelita Moffat por su carta!
Busy Busy Busy BUSY week, with some cool things to report!  But first, happy Thanksgiving.  I´m so thankful for all the love and support I recieve from you guys all the way out here in Chile.  It really means a lot to me.  And as I told some people last year, I encourage all who would like to to say a prayer and do nothing but give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all the things He´s given you.  Thank him for everything, and don´t even ask for anything in that prayer.  I´m definitely going to do it.  Also, I think this week I´m going to carry around a notecard and follow my friend Audrey´s advice and write down 10 things I´m thankful for every day this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Also Dad: glad we´re on the same página (pun intended) with the Libro de Mormon.  I love it in Spanish!  I´m starting to try and learn 3 new words a day, but I´ll think I´ll move that up after hearing about your 10.  Also, if it will help you with your Spanish, you can write a part of your letters to me in Spanish.  I can pretty much understand everything I read (except Isaiah)-- it's the listening that´s hard.  but if you want to write in Spanish, I´m all eyes.  Thank you mom, for Christmas instructions.  I look forward to the packages and the letter you sent.  Hopefully I´ll get that this week.  I´d think it´s been a few weeks.  I should get it soon!
Okay.  Pretty awesome news this week.  First, I went on a division with Elder Madsen, the District Leader, Tuesday-Wednesday.  We happened to just pass by this street in his sector that he´d been looking for for a while.  So we went to the house he was looking for (permaneced--inactive lady), and we came at the right moment.  She wasn´t doing so well, because her mom died the week before.  And she was sad that she hadn´t gone to church and kind of lost her relationship with God.  She was really quite down and told us she was really weak, and didn´t even think she was worthy to come back to church and take the sacrament.  Then we shared some scriptures with her, and that helped, then Elder Madsen Testified about the Sacrament, and how God is always willing to forgive us.  His arms are always stretched out toward us, and when we take the sacrament, we´re saying, "Forgive me, because I´m not perfect.  But, God, I´m willing to try.  I´m going to do my best, please help me with the rest."  Wow, the spirit was there.  The Spirit was definitely testifying to her.  Then we were like, would you like to read a chapter together?  and she was like yes, please.  So Elder Madsen just looked at me, giving me the look of, alright, Elder Moffat, follow the spirit, and pick a chapter.  2 Nefi 4:17-end.  Perfect chapter for her, and it was awesome.  So that was good.
Then, later that same day, we were walking on Camino A Melipilla to a member´s house, and we saw this old lady looking really distressed and frantic.  I immediately dismissed her as just someone wanting money to go gamble or buy alcohol.  But Elder Madsen was actually willing to listen.  Longer story not as long -- turns out she was asking for someone to help her get to la Posta or help her know which bus/ taxi to take to get there.  She needed to go to the Health Clinic, and she was in a lot of pain and needed to get there fast.  Good thing Elder Madsen was listening to the Spirit.  We saw a bunch of people just pass her and leave thinking she was crazy (I almost did), but we helped her cross the huge street, went with her in the colectivo, and checked her into the clinic.  She got in right away, because it was an emergency.  We called a member from my ward who drives a taxi to help get this lady back to her house later, and I don´t know what happened after that.  I should probably ask.  So yeah, that was a pretty crazy awesome day.  And we walked back from the clinic in my sector to Elder Madsen´s sector, and walked probably a total of around 10 miles that day.  just walking and walking and walking.  phew.  good day.
Then the next day, I went on a Division with Elder Sanchez in our zone.  He has like 22 new investigators a week.  That´s 22 people that they taught something to and set up a return appointment!  We had gotten 6 in the past 5 weeks.  but with Elder Sanchez in my area, we got 3 that day, and then with elder Fuhiman the next day, I tried a similar approach, and we got 3 more.   in 2 days, we doubled 5 weeks worth of news.  also, when i´m with a latin comp for 24 hours, i can see my spanish improve.  in just 24 hours.  it´s awesome.
Then, we taught this new investigator all of lesson 1 in a single cita.  We explained the restoration, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and gave her the Libro de Mormón.  And she said she´d totally be willing to follow what the book says and be baptized if she recieves an answer to her prayer.  And she definitely believes in recieving answers to prayers, too.  Hopefully that will be legit.  And in that lesson, I feel like I taught the most out of any lesson I´ve taught here.  But good thing Elder Fuhriman was there to pick up everything I completely forgot to explain.  But it was a good lesson.
Yesterday, I saw my first convert baptism!  Not my convert, but it was in our zone, and I taught the convert one lesson when I was on divisions -- so that was cool.  And..... drumroll...... Camila, our investigator, is getting baptized on Sunday the 27th!!!!!  I´m so excited for her!  She had a lot of doubts and concerns and stuff the past few weeks, and it was not looking like she was going to be baptized soon.  But she realized this was her decision and she was going to follow what she new to be true.  YAY!!!  I´ll let you know how that goes.
Changes are tomorrow, and I´m staying here in this sector con Elder Fuhriman another change.  That´s what we figured would happen.   3 missionaries in our zone have changes.  I think I can attach some pics, but I´m not sure if it works... hopefully it does!
Well, that´s about it for this week.  Thanks for everything you do!
Love, Elder Moffat