December 5, 2011

'Tis the Season, December 5, 2011

Our Missionary Soccer Team!
Bueno.  First, I got the package, mom!  the box.  and Thanks for the letters mom, luke, and linds (It said letter number 3, but is the first one I´ve gotten from her....)

Quick comments on your emails, mom and dad.  I think we get to see the Christmas devotional later in the month.  Hopefully we can bring an investigator to it!    But I really want to see it, especially after what you guys said about it.  That would be so cool!!  And Dad, that´s something I need to start working on and improving-- recognizing and pointing out the spirit in lessons.  Also, YAY KEVIN!  what a boss.  Thanks for the updates, Dad.  Mom, the shoes are working out wonderfully, my shirts are being ironed (by me), I don´t have fleas or bedbugs, either.  Sounds like the dance performances you went to were pretty AWESOME, too!  How I wish I could see one!  But seriously, keep updating me on everything and keep sending emails about everything that's going on at home.

So, for this week.  I did divisions on Tuesday, but not normal divisions.  I went to the Office on a division with an Asistente in Maipú!  It was pretty cool.  I got to work on a computer for a few hours (which was actually kind of refreshing)  and then we taught 2 awesome lessons.  I definitely learned a lot from Elder Young in less than 24 hours.  He is an amazing elder, and leaves in just a few months.  Just about perfect Spanish, so sincere and loving, knows the gospel really well, and is still working really really hard, even at the end of his mission.  Got a lot of respect for that guy.

We met with Camila twice, and after cita 1, she was like, yeah, I have a question, but not about what we talked about.  and we´re like, okay... what is it?  and she proceeded to ask about details of serving a mission, and how she can start preparing for one.  Not that she definitely will go on a mission, she said, but she just wants to know how to start preparing.  THAT´S an awesome person.  The day after her baptism asking about what she can do to prepare to share what she knows to be absolutely true.  yessss.  Also, the next time, we watched a video of the story of Vinchenzo di Franchesca.  pretty powerful.  Its on a DVD called "How Rare a Possession" put out by the church.  I´d suggest watching it if you have any down time (not that you do at all)

I also was assigned to give a talk in church for next Sunday... on the Atonement, which is easy to talk about.  But still, my first Sacrament Meeting talk in Spanish....  I´ll let you know how it goes.  I made an outline this morning, though.  I think I know what I´ll talk about.

And... because you´re my mother and you made me promise I´d tell you, mom...  I got sick on Friday morning.  Don´t worry, it really wasn´t too bad, but I did have to stay in a lot.  It seems there´s a bug going around the zone of Peñaflor.  Elders Madsen, Moffat, Fuhriman, Muñoz, and Djaelani all have been sick the past few days.  We went to as many citas as we could, but we stayed in a lot.  I woke up with the chills Friday morning and then went on sick divisions with Elder Madsen and slept a LOT.  Saturday we stayed in, because Elder Fuhriman was sick by then, except we left for a pre-planned activity.  Then we went to church Sunday, tried to go to 1 cita (they weren´t there), and stayed in.  I´ve been getting rest, trying to get better.  But I did get a little extra time to study.  So don´t worry.  I´m getting better. 

Not too much more to report.  But I Love the spiritual thought advent calendar!!! I think I might use one of the quotes in my talk on sunday.....

Love and getting better,
Elder Cole Moffat

ps-  as of now, we´re still planning on doing Skype on December 24th.  Will that work for you guys?  I´m on for another few minutes if you get this!