January 21, 2013

New Investigator Miracles, January 21, 2013

Well, everyone here is STILL on vacation.  and more people left.  which leaves us with a small teaching pool, a smaller general population in the sector, and lots of members who would normally give us references out of town.

BUT!  We´ll have a baptism this Saturday!  Ana is awesome.  I´ll tell you guys more next week.  She´s the one who´s dog had the puppies while we were there a month ago.  Super awesome.

Last week I said that there were 2 people waiting outside the chapel that we talked to in the morning and that we were going to meet with them on Monday night.  Their names are Fernando and Jaqueline.  Well, we met with them on Monday night.  and Tuesday night.  and wednesday night.  and then they went out of town. and we´ll meet with them again tonight.  They´re from Ovalle, in the northern part of Chile.  They´re here right now because he´s going through some medical problems.... but he found out on Tuesday morning that it´s treatable!  So they´ll be here for a few months while he undergoes the treatment, and then they´ll go back to Ovalle.  But when we shared about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon, Jaqueline said, "I can already tell this is a beautiful book.  I will read it.  I commit to read it every day, starting today."  and the next day she had read the chapter, understood it well, and had questions ready.  AWESOME.  After, she also said "You know, I feel something right here **rubbing her chest** and it feels warm.  I just feel so at peace."  and they said the same thing the next day.  That they had noticed a difference in the last 24 hours since meeting with us.  We´re excited for our appointment tonight.

We also set a baptism date for the end of February with Raul, the husband of a recent convert-- Candy,  who was baptized by Elder Gehring in November.  Their son, who is still in Bolivia, is getting baptized on February 3rd, and they are very excited!

So, the work is progressing, despite the summer vacation here in Chile.  Oh yeah!

Well, I love you guys!

Elder Cole Moffat