January 13, 2013

Still Here, January 7, 2013

Hey!  It was a good week for Zona Republica!  With 6 companionship,  we taught 84 lessons to investigators (35 with members present and 49 normal lessons).  We found 37 new investigators as a zone!  Here in our sector, we were able to go on divisions with some members for 3 hours last night.  It was a real help-- we taught 7 lessons just yesterday!  Things are looking like they´re really starting to improve in Republica.

We went to Concilio at President´s house on Friday and learned about the new mission initiative for the month of January.  President wants people to focus on Preach My Gospel a lot more, and so we´ll be using it a lot more this year than we had been.  It`s not like we never used it, because it`s absolutely necessary to do effective missionary work.  But President wants to put a lot more focus on it.  In PMG, it mentions key indicators that help us focus on what is important in the conversion process.  Contacts, References Recieved, Lessons to investigators with a member Present, new investigators, etc.  And these are the things we focus on.  But some of the key indicators play a bigger role-- for example, a Lesson with a member present can play a bigger role in continued conversion than a single street contact.  Yes, contacts are important, and we need to do them to find new investigators usually, but an actual lesson with an investigator is a bigger step in conversion.  So for the initiative this month, President has assigned point values for some of the key indicators.  It`s not a competition, it´s not saying whoever gets the most points gets a prize, nothing like that.  That would be just looking to cause problems.  No, it`s just a way of showing the relative importance of things.  and the Goal is to get the most points you can as a companionship, and to always get more points than you did the week before.  If that means that you need to do more lessons, than do it.  If you´re lacking a few lessons, but you don`t have any other investigators to go to, then go do contacts.  We`re not trying to do the things for numbers, rather, we`re just pointing out the relative importance of the key indicators to help more people actually progress towards baptism.  I´m actually really excited for this!

Well, that`s what I got for this week.  Love you guys!

Elder Cole Moffat