January 21, 2013

Priesthood Power, January 14, 2013

So, this morning, we were playing soccer with the young men in the ward.  (my team won!)  As we left, this couple was sitting outside the gate on a bench.  As we walked by, they said, "¿Son misioneros?" "Are you missionaries?" and we`re like yes, we are.  "Porque, queremos entrar en su iglesia.  ¿Cómo lo hacemos?"  Rough translation, how you´d say it in English:  Because, we want to be part of your church.  What do we need to do?    Miracle.  We`re going to meet with them tonight.

So we had a pretty good week this week.  Pretty funny stuff, yet pretty powerful stuff.

We met with Santiago, and shared the Word of Wisdom with him.  By far the funniest Word of Wisdom lesson I´ve had.  But in the end, he was like, well, I guess I have to do it.  and then he came to church the next day.  That`s a good sign.  We´ll meet with him again today.

We were in the chapel during the week, waiting for a member to get there so we could go to a lesson, and a member from the other ward came up to us and asked us for a blessing.  She was waiting for an interview or an activity or something, but when she saw us, she asked us for a priesthood blessing..  There is power in the priesthood.  This young wife had some chronic disease that flared up time to time and was really hurting her.  Something with serious migraines or something.  She also really wanted to be a mother, but had not been able to get pregnant.  As Elder Gehring was pronouncing the blessing, I felt a strong confirmation of everything he was saying, especially when he blessed her that she would be able to bring one of Heavenly Father´s children into the world and be a mother, according to her faith, obededience, and diligence.  There is power in the priesthood.

Yesterday, we also had the opportunity to teach a Father how to give a blessing to his newborn, and sick, child.  This Father, who has been member for about a year and a half, was able to learn how to use his priesthood to directly bless his family.  what a blessing it was for me to be able to teach him and help him.

Ana continues to progress, and will be baptized on January 26.  I can´t wait!!!

Elder Gehring and I will be together for 6 more weeks here in Republica.  It´s going to be great!!!

Well, that`s all I got for this week.  Love you lots!!

Elder Cole Moffat