February 4, 2013

Baptism, January 28, 2013

Hey I got letters from the Rubows, from Val Dawson, from the Eyres, and from the Bishopric.  And the dear elders.  It was a good mail week!  Also, I´m not sure I made the comment about getting the Whittles´ package about 2 weeks ago.  the Gingersnaps were still soft and WONDERFUL!  Send cookies more often, folks!!!

Ana Rañiman got baptized on Saturday!  It was a wonderful experience.  She just looked so happy afterwards.  Well, before, too, but especially afterwards, as she was sitting with her 11 year old son, who got baptized in November.  Elder Gehring baptized her. There was pretty good support from the ward, too.  There were probably 30+ people there.  nice!  And about 20 of us went to their house afterwards to have refreshments.  So fun!  But the fun part came the next day, Sunday, when I confirmed her!  On Saturday, after the baptism, she asked me to do the confirmation on Sunday.  Well, I´ve never confirmed anyone before, and I´ve definitely never done it in Spanish   And the only times I´ve given blessings, it´s only been just the person there or maybe their family, too.  I´ve definitely never had to give a blessing or confirm anyone a member of the church speaking into a microphone in front of a whole ward.  So that was interesting.  It was nervous, but when I got up there, the words flowed.  Interesting how that works.

Other than the baptism, there´s really nothing else to comment on.  The work is kind of slowing down here in Republica  It´ll probably be like this through February, but in March it should pic up again (when there are actually more people walking around, when investigators and members are actually in town, etc.).  This week we´re going to start contacting a little differently, because like Preach My Gospel says, we shouldn´t just do the same thing over and over and over again.  It has some ideas in it, but it suggests that those ideas should be a starting point to develop our own creative ideas.  I´ll let you know how it goes.

Well, I love you guys and miss you loads!

Elder Cole Moffat

ps- I did my own visa run this week, and got my second visa.  here in a few weeks i´ll get my new chilean ID, and I´m pretty sure the picture looks IDENTICAL to the one I took last year.  you´ll see....