February 4, 2013

Another Week, February 2, 2013

Hey!  It´s February!  Time flies, seriously.

This week we decided to try a new method of talking to people and having them actually wanting to talk with us.  A few days of the week, we set up a table outside the church with a quesiton written on a piece of posterboard.  We had our pamphlets and cards and other stuff, but also a few notecards where people could write their answer to our question.  "What do you expect from the Mormon Church in our neighborhood?"  "What would you ask Jesus Christ?"  "What does Faith mean to you?"  Simple, open-ended answers.very few people actually came up to answer the question, but a lot of people came up to talk with us and ask other questions.  So, while we didn´t get any new investigators from it (which is what was happening before anyway), we were able to talk to a lot more people that were actually interested in talking with us.  And 9/10 cars (yes, a measured and accurate statistic) that passed through the intersection read the sign with the question.  Some even slowed down to read it.  So, even if we didn´t talk with all of them, we got people to think about the church, christ, faith, etc.  And with the people that passed by without stopping, even after we tried talking to them, we definitely sparked a few conversations about Christ and religion.  success!

The specialized training was on Thursday, and Concilio was this Friday, and they were awesome.  We really need to focus on Christ more.  That´s just the bottom line I´ve learned this week.  We need to focus on Christ more.  I want you guys to read "The Living Christ" this week.  President invited each of us to memorize it as well.  I just want you guys to read it together, and really think about it.  "What think ye of Christ?"  That´s something we can all ask ourselves and analyze a little more often in our life.  What do we really think of Christ?

Food for thought.

Well, I love you guys!

Elder Cole Moffat

Click here for the document, "The Living Christ"