August 9, 2012

Office, June 30, 2012

Hey there!  Thanks for the package!!!!  Definitely keeping the bag of chocolate chips here in the office.  Dad, don´t get grey hair.  But if you do, it´s okay.  Also, you´ll do great in hp.  In terms of teaching people who already know a lot, all you really have to do is direct the class, not necessarily impart knowledge that you have and they don´t.  You just have to direct the discussion, and ask questions that make people think.  You need to know and study the topic, but ask the right thought provoking questions and you´ll be fine.  Trust the Spirit.  He knows what to do even if you don´t.

Hot chocolate with mate.  ´Nuff said. :)

I drove this week!  First time driving in over 10 months.  And it was stickshift.  In a truck.  Downtown Santiago.  awww yeah.  And I didn´t crash!!  Good stuff.  I´ve already been downtown and to a lot of different parts of the city like 5 times in the past 2 weeks.  Going to the Registro Civil, the Embajada, the Dutch Embassy in Chile, you know, the usual.

In the office, there are lots of curveballs.  For example, there's this one elder that was born in Bolivia, has a Bolivian Passport, lived in Holland and speaks Dutch, lived in Spain, and then moved to Chile.  He's serving in our mission while waiting for his visa to get cleared to go to the Provo MTC, to serve the Dutch speaking mission in Holland.  And we're working through the final stages of that.  He finally has his itinerary, and we went downtown with him two days in a row.  He'll go back to pick up a paper next week before he flies out.  Another Elder's passport expired while he was on the mission.  Colombians have to have a special record, that they can't get in Chile because of legalities between the two countries, but they couldn't get it when they were in Colombia because it would have expired before we would be able to use it.  International Policy is interesting.  I don't want to ever work in it.

AND we also have to go out and work in the sector.  In a lesson, after reading 3 Nephi 11:1-18, we had an investigator tell us---and I paraphrase really only slightly-- "The Book of Mormon just has to be true.  It's entertaining!  I like reading it!  It's incredible how much I want to read it, especially because I normally don't like reading.  Also, it's spiritual and practical.  It's stupid that anyone would say some kid made it up.  That just doesn't make sense.  Just look at the names of people and places!  No kid could sit there and make this up!  It has to be true.  Also, why wouldn't Christ come visit his people in the Americas!  If they're children of God, God loves them, and it's totally possible that they had prophets too, and that Jesus visited them.  It just makes sense."  That was a cool moment.

We were in a lesson with members, and the three little girls started eating hotdogs that their mom gave them.  Then  the middle one, 2years old, started choking.  The mom ran over to help her, and took the hotdog out of her hands.  Well the little girl just got mad, and started crying that she didn't have her hotdog!  That made the choking worse, and then, while in the arms of a family friend, she started throwing up.  the family friend tried to catch it in his hands.  She started crying some more, which just made her gag and throw up a little bit more.  That whole ordeal was going on, then the dad from across the room goes, "Boots!  watch out for Boots!"  Boots, being the stuffed