August 9, 2012

More Office Stuff, July 14, 2012

Hey Family!  Thanks for everything!! I got the letter from Val Dawson, and I got a little package from Familia Duran from Las Avenidas, with "Pathways to Perfection" by Thomas S. Monson (Leatherbound...) and a huatero-- Their little sack with grains that you stick in the microwave and heat up that I used when I hurt my anckle a few months ago.  They´re awesome.  and I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER!!!!!  you´re getting OLD!!!  And you are on vacation!!! I hope you´re having fun there!

It´s weird how all the days, and now the weeks, just blend all together.  My journal writing has also gotten pretty bad.  That´s what happens when you´re in the office and live in an apartment with 3 other missionaries.  I need to fix that.  Prontísimo.

So, I really don´t have a whole lot to write about from this week.  We just did some office stuff, tried to get out to the sector as much as possible, sent visa stuff out, etc.  But that was cool, I sent people to do their visa, and just gave them the instructions and told them to read every word, and they wouldn´t have problems.  And guess what?  They did it!  And they all did it right!!  I realized that God gives us his word through the scriptures and living prophets.  And that works much much better than if he personally came down to evry single person for every single problem they had.  Then they wouldn´t ever listen to leaders or prophets or scriptures, etc.  And if God didn´t tell them specifically and personally to do something, they wouldn´t do those good things.  THAT´s why he gives us living prophets with continual revelation-- To keep us humble, and to help us be the best we can be in every aspect of our lives.  God is Smart.

Also, we went to go have a family night with a certain family on Wednesday.  We were planning on sharing a few scriptures, having a good discussion, and ending the lesson with a 10-15 minute movie.  Well, we thought the DVD was in the office, and it wasn´t, then we went home and found the case with no DVD, then the same DVD but in English, and so we were like, oh darn.  What do we do?  Well we found another DVD that had a few movies on it, and we looked through and felt like we should share the 13 minute video about Martin Harris losing the 116 Pages.  It talks about trusting the Lord and doing His will even if it´s different than our will.  So as we were walking to their house (we were already a few minutes late) we were trying to think of what to share and talk about before the video and such.  We shared the Alma 37:37, which talks about Consulting or Counseling with the Lord in all things.  We talked a bit about that, then connected counseling with Him and trust in Him.  because it doesn´t do a whole lot of good to counsel with the Lord, get an answer, and then deny it and do what you wanted to in the first place.  And as we were talking, the recently active dad started remembering experiences he had had-- when he didn´t counsel with the Lord, when he counseled but didn´t trust him, etc.  And then when we got to the trust in the Lord and trust Him enough to follow what he says part, He was like, "Actually, I´m struggling to do that right now.  Tithing has always been a hard one for me, but just 3 or 4 days ago, I decided to just do it and trust in the Lord and everything will work out.  It´s what He wants.  It´s just really really hard."  So we were able to strengthen him, help him, and watch the movie on trusting God.  And we saw his face light up as he got the spiritual witness that what he had decided to do was right.  It was really cool.  We had a plan, but it fell through, and then the Spirit was able to guide us in the lesson and preparation to be able to really meet the needs of this family.  I´m pretty sure the spirit took and hid the other DVD, too (that´s a joke, by the way).

Well, those were some cool things that happened this week.  I also read the Fourth Missionary (Cuarto Misionero) by Elder Corbridge again.  Really really cool.  I would highly suggest to any person with their mission call that they read it.  very very good.  yep.

Until next week, I love you and miss you!

Elder Cole Moffat