August 9, 2012

First week of Changes!, August 4, 2012

Hi there!  and yes, the first week of Changes is ALWAYS a little nuts.

I sent a few recordings to the fam and so I´ll write just a little bit here.  sorry.  But time is also running a bit short.  and Family, listen to the recordings before reading this.  it´s better.

Well, this week was changes, and it´s a bit nuts.  Elder Gimenez left the office (after 5 changes here!) and is now a district leader in Los Cerrillos.  My companion is now Elder Wharton, who was here in the office last change.  He´s from Texas, outside of Austin in a little town called Buda (apparently pronounced bee-oo´-duh), and knows what salt lick is.   He´s a really cool guy and just a solid missionary.  He goes home in January.  I´m excited to be with him. And also, this change, it´s Elder Wheelwright´s turn to train his replacement, who is.... drumroll.... elder Morgan!!  You probably don´t remember, and that´s okay, but Elder Morgan was with me for 3 changes over in San Miguel.  He was in a neighboring sector, in the same district with us, was comps with a district leader, and in the same pension as the Zone leaders.  So I was with him a lot.  We did a few divisions together, and I also slept in his pension even more times.  We became good buds.  And now he´s in the office with us!  and he´ll be my comp next change!!  yeahhh.  this is going to be good.

Also, we got 13 new missionaries!  Elder Jones, who was in the MTC with me, is training!!! It´s weird to think that we´re far enough into the mission to be training other missionaries.  too fast.  And I went to president´s house Tuesday and Wednesday to do part of the training/orientation gig.  with some goooood food for lunch.  We have some super good missionaries that just got here, let me tell ya.  I feel like every group just gets better and better.

And today, we went to the feria again.  We kind of had to because it´s Elder Morgan´s first P-day here.  Deals of the day:
2 kilos of kiwi for 400 pesos.  translation: 4.4 pounds of kiwi for 80 cents.  that´s a lot of kiwi.
4 ties for 500 pesos.  translation: 4 ties for 1.00 american dolar.
6 apples for 500 pesos.  they are the fiji apples.  $1
6 bananas for 490 pesos.  98 cents.
We also had some miracle moments and big impactful moments in the few hours we were able to make it to the sector this week.  One, we got into a house (or rather, we knocked and immediately they opened the door, saw us, and said "C´mon in!") and they actually paid attention to us and were extremely respectful, and want us to pass by again... sometime... and it was just an amazing lesson.  and dad, yes, I used music skills.  we sang with them, and they liked it.  I´d like to use the hymbook more in lessons.  Also, we went to a viewing of a recent convert who died yesterday (Friday).  The viewing was in the living room of the appartment.  It was sad, but I felt unusually peaceful and calm.  We answered some questions about where he was right then, and it was amazing to be able to testify of that and help lift burdens of the family going through a hard time.  They also asked us to pray, and EVERYONE came in to listen to the prayer.  and they were all extremely respectful.  It was sad to see him in the casket, but I felt joy in knowing that he left his mortal body as a man who let the grace of Christ change his life.  He was baptized not 4 months ago, and loved reading the Book of Mormon and increasing his faith.  Apparently he was an alcoholic earlier, and completely turned his life around and honestly tried to be better every day.  We had shared with him the night before.  We talked about the vision of the tree of life.  And he testified to us of the importance of the Sacrament and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  He had trouble coming to church because of health reasons, and he made the extra effort to attend church last Sunday.  and He felt the difference in his life.  That´s a good way to go out.  We saw the family´s eyes light up as we told them of the reality of the Spirit World, or where he is now, and of the Resurrection, and especially of the fact that they can have the opportunity to see him and be with him again as resurrected people, together as a family.  We´ll go back and keep talking to them tomorrow or monday.  It was a joyous experience, seeing people react to hearing the truth.

I know it´s true, and I hope you all do too.  If you don´t, find out.  Pray and ask a willing, loving Father.  He will answer you.  That´s a promise of God.

I love you and pray for you.  Until next week.

Love, Elder Cole Moffat