August 9, 2012

Milagritos, July 28, 2012

Hey Family!  How is everyone?  It was nice to get all the updates about vacation and everything!  Also, thank Lauren Gui for her letter.  I´ll try and get back to her soon!

Soooo... updates from this week....  Not too much.  We´re just always really busy.  because it takes a lot to run a mission.  Lots.  OH!  At the end of ones mission, one writes a stewardship report, or  un Mayordomía.  Well, I had to revise all of them to make sure people didn´t put down just stupid things, correct grammar, etc.  Well, I am really grateful for the schooling in terms of English I had at Hawthorn Option, Junior High, and VHHS.  Definitely helps with Spanish, too.  And I can see that my written spanish is good enough now that I can gramtically revise/correct a Latin´s 4-page, single-spaced report of a two-year mission! I spent part of my week doing that.

But we did have some good lessons with investigators this week!  We taught the nonmember daughter of an inactive we´re working with.  The inactive lady wasn´t there, but the nonmenber, 35-year-old daughter was, and so we asked to share something with her, and she said yes.  We were really happy, but we didn´t realize the significance of it until later.  That family was passing through a really hard time these past few months, and so we were able to share with her a little bit about God and His love for her and their family and all that.  And the spirit was really strong.  Then, she said that this was 1) the first time she had actually sat down to talk with missionaries, even though they were always in the house, sharing with the family, and 2) the first time she had expressed to anyone some of the things she was feeling and going through.  It was a wonderful discussion.  Then last night we went back, and she was really happy to see us and wanted to start talking right away.  It was the kind of lesson that I just love to have, because it's not so much a lesson as it is a discussion.  Yes, there is a lot of teaching and learning going on, but we share, we ask questions, they express their thoughts and feelings openly, they realize they have a question and ask it, we help them find their own answer to their own question, they have a desire to learn more and take action, they commit themselves to do something, they learn, we help, the spirit teaches,  It's great.  I like those.  And we shared a bit about God's Plan and what it means for us and what we need to benefit from it, faith, and ACTION.  I feel like we're going to see even more miracles with her.

We also went to teach a recent convert, and his wife decided to stay in the room and listen.  And so we helped her understand a little more about the book of mormon, and really answer her questions.  At the end, she told us that she was in the other room, heard that we came in, and was going to stay there, but she felt something just push her into the room we were in with her husband, sit down, and listen.  and when we asked her how she felt after the closing prayer, she said, "Mi corazón se llenó con alegría!"  which means that her heart was filled with happiness.  That was a neat experience, too.

But, I´m going to check out now and get my haircut, maybe print some pictures, and then go out and invite others to come unto Christ.  YEAH.

love you all!

Elder Cole Moffat