April 2, 2012

Lots of News and new companion, March 26, 2012

WOW.  okay, so I don´t even know where to start, especially that I now have like 20 minutes left to write. (I wrote Hayden a longer note in response to doctrinal insights he had yesterday).  thanks for the package, Jim and Choon!  Looooooved it.  happy birthday ashely adams!  yay chicago!

Familia Castan:  Awesome.  especially the Mom, Silvia.  just rock solid.  They came to church  (like I wrote about last week), and then we had a lesson during the week, then Thursday Silvia and Daiana came to mutual/Ward FHE, Friday Silvia, Tamara, and Daiana went to a Gala thing at the stake center, Saturday, Silvia and Daiana came to the baptism, and Yesterday Silvia came to church!  YESSSS.  They´re awesome.  We gotta keep working with them.  Vicente has back trouble from 25 years of trucking, and so he can´t work as much because of that, so they fired him (I´m not sure that´s legal).  prayers for them would be nice.  I love them so much!

Mireya got baptized this past Saturday, the 24th!!!  YAY.  She was pretty worried about getting baptized because she was a bit worried that whoever was baptizing her wouldn´t be able to get her back up out of the water... So I was in the font, too, with the big hermano from that ward, and Mireya.  and let´s just say it was good that I was there to help.... It was really great.  I played the piano for a musical number-- Nearer my God to thee, which is Mireya´s favorite, sung by Hna. Guzmán who has a wonderful voice.  Strong, strong, spirit.

CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND!!!!  ´nuff said.  I´ll get to watch it in English, too, I´m pretty sure.  hopefully we´ll have investigators there.  I just can´t wait!!!!  prepárense.

This past week there were 2 tremors!  the first ones that I have felt here in Chile-- really, the first I have felt ever.  one was at 4:00am the other night.  it woke me up, especially because We live on the 13th floor.  kinda freaked me out.  yes, my heart was racing.  The other was last night, and we were in a wooden house so we didn´t feel it too much.  but the epicenter was quite aways away, but it was pretty freaking strong there.  like a 7.4 or something like that.  but, don´t worry.  we´re okay.

and lastly, but certainly not least, I will be missing Elder Callao.  usually changes are on Tuesdays, but because the mission is receiving 15-20 new missionaries tomorrow, President made changes today, this morning.  SO, my new companion is Elder Guzmán.  He seems pretty cool.  We´re excited for this change.  He leaves in 2 changes, with Elder Callao.  He´s from Argentina, Buenos Aires.  nice argentino accento.

Well, I gotta run!  have fun on Spring break!

Elder Moffat