March 19, 2012

Las Avenidas- exploding, March 19, 2012

Cole bowling in a tie as a missionary --  always a new adventure
Thanks for the emails and updates!  I always love getting letters and stuff.  So nice to hear from home.  Chicago River  in green sounds like it was fun, good luck on the merit badge that won´t die, too.  I did Indexing at BYU, and there were occasionally "Indexing Parties" if you want to incorporate that in the eagle project, hayden.  People bring their laptops and can chill in the basement or something, with music, chips, munchies, and maybe 1 hour indexing hardcore, then a movie or something.    Cool that Mitt came to Vernon Hills!  on the topic of the election, when the absentee ballots are available, send me one, please.

This week was pretty busy.  There was hardly a normal day.  Tuesday we went to Maipú and then downtown to do the visa stuff for my comp.... his visa renewal was a little past due, so We´re glad the mission office finally gave him the stuff to get it taken care of.  Had some good pizza and empanadas (I can kind of understand written italian on the pizza box YAY!).  Wednesday was district meeting, then divisions with Elder Morgan-- he also knows whats up.  I´ve realized that we have a pretty good freaking zone.  filled with good, solid missionaries.  And because my comp is district leader, I get to go on tons of divisions and work with a lot of different missionaries.  We set another Fecha, Elder Morgan and I!  Sebastián.  hopefully he´ll keep progressing.  He seemed pretty excited.  Thursday we had planning, and set another fecha with Anamaría!  She was the fecha we had for Hayden´s birthday a while ago, but it didn´t work out.  it was really hard to find time to teach her.  but now she´s not as busy, and so we set another goal fecha, and Cristóbal (a RM in our ward, super-capo) helped us out a lot.

I´m telling you, members are the KEY to the work.  absolutely nessesary.  100%.  Friday we taught 6 lessons (6 lessons!!), Saturday we had another Cosechón, and lesson with Familia Castán-- Milagro de quinta avenida-- with 2 members present.  oh it was great.  Sunday, I gave a talk on la obra misional (missionary work just sounds weird, now).  I kind of just told them how it is.  That, according to President Joseph Smith, Ezra Taft Benson, and Gordon B Hinckley, it´s not just our job as missionaries.  it´s the member´s job, too. (see Preach my Gospel end of Chapter 1 quotes, pg 173 in spanish... not sure where it is in english, sorry.)  Like you were saying, dad, it´s important to focus on the fellowshiping and helping the people get integrated into the ward.  it´s important to keep teaching them as they´re being integrated.  and if that wasn´t the focus before, it is now.  definitely.

That´s why focusing on the ward is so important and is one of the focuses now.  helping the ward help the new members.  having said that, we had 6 investigators in the chapel on sunday!!!!!!!  Anamaría, Familia Castán, and Mireya, who will be baptized this Saturday!!!!  Something happened all of a sudden, and the ward is super excited about being friends with the people we brought to church.  It´s AMAZING.  The daughters went to young womens and liked it, and even stayed after for the Seminary meeting.  it was a bit much, but better too much than too little.  Mireya also turned around and got focused all of a sudden.  Apparently this past week, after having some trouble digesting Diezmo, she kind of got mad at God and was frank with Him while praying.  "Am I going to get baptized, or not?!?"  then she felt this tingling feeling in her tummy and was like.  "Okay.  looks like I´m going to get baptized, and I´ve got to pay diezmo." YES!  God answers prayers when we ask with faith, true and sincere desire, with true intentions to follow the answer.

9 baptismal dates.  6 investigators n the chapel.  total in the chapel increased by over 15% from last week.  We taught more lessons with members this week than the other 4 weeks of the change combined.  And we´ll have a baptism this week!  we´re excited.  oh. and last week of the change, coming right up!

Elder Moffat