March 5, 2012

Milagros Siguen Pasando, February 27, 2012

Hey there, Fam!  First of all, I feel like I have personal study time here in the Ciber because I´m sitting here taking notes on what I can learn and/or apply to me, my companionship, and this sector, based on Michael´s letters, Landon´s letters, and your emails.  It´s really really awesome!

I got quite a few letters this week, so thanks to the Eyres --including the thanksgiving card :) make sure you put the city, and it´ll speed up the arrival time :P --  Val Dawson, DearElders, and the letter/picture from Luke and mom!  Loved it all!

I´m so sorry I can´t write more, but there were other things I needed to do online today.   First, please oh please go out and leave with the Elders or Sisters in our ward.  PLEASE go out with them.  There are quite a few key indicators that we use as missionaries to help measure our progress and help us focus in on areas we can improve to help people progress in the Gospel towards making and keeping covenants.  After talking with some leaders in the zone and mission, we are under the opinion that the two most important are fechas and MAC, or in other words, baptismal dates set and lessons taught to investigators with one or more members present.  Every other Key indicator will increase if we focus on these two.  If you don't have fechas because you don't have investigators, then to increase your fechas, your news will also increase.  If you focus on MAC, investigators will attend church.  With the combination of the two, the number of children of God progressing towards, making, and keeping covenants will increase.  It all depends on fechas and MAC.  So, family, please help in the obra misional and salir con los misioneros!  I feel super bad for not doing it before the mission.  And when I return, I will do my part to make up for all those times I didn´t do my part.

Congrats Luke in spelling!  and Spencer, I hope all went/ is going well in play try-outs!  Hayden, glad everything went well with turnabout shtuff.

Dad, side comment about BG stake 44 baptisms last year-- I think that´s equal or more than Estaca San Miguel had last year.  Interesting.

Congrats to Aaron Amu!  Hope all is well at home, now that normal life is starting again.

This week was an interesting week.  We found a few new families. Hopefully we´ll be able to start really teaching them and helping them progress hacia la vida eterna como una familia eterna.  (it´s interesting how some things just flow easier in Spanish.  Like, I don´t really know how I would say that in English).  So that´s looking up!  We´re also working with a few in-actives that want to start receiving the blessings of the gospel again.  So that´s good!

Another note:  The Gospel just makes sense.  If you´re ever struggling or have serious doubts about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, just look at it with an open mind, with a sincere heart, and with real intent, and God will show you--reveal to you in your mind and in your heart-- that The Gospel of Jesus Christ just makes sense.  That it´s true.  And that this plan was authored by God Himself, with his only perfect son, Jesus Christ, called, prepared, and ordained to make it possible to return to His presence, in a state of never-ending happiness with our families.  Pues, ¡sigamos adelante, con firmeza en Cristo, para que seamos salvos!

and, BE HAPPY!
Elder Cole Moffat