March 5, 2012

Cumpleanos- the fulfilling of years, March 5, 2012

Hey there back at home!  Thanks for the Birthday wishes, all!  and Thanks for the Dear Elder forwards, mom, and for the letter, Chelz, and for the package, family!!  I have yet to open the wrapped stuff (except for the notecards and the cookie mixes, cuz I could tell what they were, and already made some :) I´ll make more on Wednesday night).  Thanks for the glasses, too!  I´ll hopefully go get them adjusted today.  AND the Predicad mi Evangelio mini version is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would be so happy about a little version of a church manual.  but I absolutely love it!  It is now ALWAYS in my bag. Congrats on the play, Spence!  Congrats on solo and ensemble, Hayden!  get going on that eagle project!  and Happy Birthday, bro!  Keep being a great kid, Luke!  Feel better, Dad!  and Happy Birthday MOM! 

This week.  woaaahh.  Well, today, we went bowling in Republica as a Zone. That was pretty shweet.  Our zone is pretty tight.  We love having fun together.  I think this change is going by so much faster for that reason, among others.  Our Zone is awesome.  We have our weekly meetings on Wednesday, and I have divisions Wed-Thurs.  Saturday we get together and have a Cosechón (kind of like what Jim did in his ward-- looking for all the inactives).  Every saturday is a different sector, and the 7 companionships go out for 1 1/2 hours and cosechar.  so we have wednesday together, saturday together, P-Day Monday, and then we do it again.  It´s really nice to have those changes from the same-thing-all-the-time spaced out throughout the week.  We´re now half way through this change.  Weird!  It´s really good though.

Highlights of the week.  One, I pulled a Dad during comp study on Friday.  After reading Elder Oak´s Talk, Alma 17, and PMG during personal study, to start comp study we sang un Pobre Forestero-- A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.  Yep, definitely pulled a Dad during verse 5.  you know what I mean.  I´m so glad I have a testimony of this work.  I´m so glad I have a testimony of Christ, and the Book of Mormon, and of the work of the prophet Joseph Smith.  We set a fecha with a new, and ended the day watching "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" during a Noche de Hogar with a reactivating couple.  He came to church on Sunday.  During another cita I had to testify and testify and defend what I was saying to this guy who in the end just didn´t even want to know.  at one point he was like and how do you know it? why don´t you question yourself more?  and so I told him that I hadn´t had a vision nor seen angels nor Christ himself, but What I had felt in answer to prayer, I know came from God, and if I denied it, I would be denying the power of God, and condemning myself before Him.  Woah.  It just came out like that.

We had investigators in the capilla! that doesn´t happen very often for us.  Which is not good.  but people finally came!  and also a lot of menos activos that we´re teaching and working with came to church!  it was a great day in the capilla.  One investigator told us she felt this sensation that what was being taught was the teachings of Christ, the core of what Christ would teach.  and she´s been to lots of different churches and says she didn´t like any of them.  I´m so glad that when people come with an open mind, they let the Spirit testify to them of the Truth, and it´s so much easier to know the truth when you want to know the truth.  I don´t know if that made sense, but it did in my mind.  and in spanish.  I don´t know what makes sense in English as well as I used to.

I´m down here in Chile, going about trying to fulfill the commandment and calling to which I have been appointed, not because I´m getting paid (cuz I´m not), and not because I get satisfaction from doing so (even though I do often times), and not because there´s added bonuses like learning a language and getting to know the people and all that (even though those are wonderful added bonuses).  I´m down here in Chile because I´ve been commanded to, and I´m doing the best I can because I know personally and deeply that the message I bring is not mine, and it´s not the church´s, and it´s not of man.  It is of God, and it is a message of happiness that He wants to be shared with all of his Children.  Estoy aquí porque "las promesas del Señor se (extienden) a ellos mediante las condiciones del arrepentimiento."  and I have been blessed to be able to share with them la manera de Dios.

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Moffat