April 25, 2012

Another week gone by, April 22, 2012

Cole's b-day shirt from Spencer
Hola Familia!

Thanks for the emails, familia. and the cards from val.  I try and send letters when I can, but that is not very often.  I sent letters to maddie, chelz, and nate this week.  But here´s the thing.  I´m scared to send some letters because it´s the end of the school year and addresses will be changing all over the place!  people changing apartments, going home for summer, leaving for school, it´s nuts.  SO, i think from here on out, if you want a letter, you´re going to have to write me one first with your address, even if it doesn´t change.  because I don´t know who´s is changing and who´s isn´t.  yeah.  that.  and, Happy birthday Jessica and Emily!  
Good luck on kicking off your Eagle Project hayden!  and congrats on being such the stud you are.  Glad to hear your play went well and you had a good time, Spence!  Yes, dad, my teeth are okay.  No stitches.  it´s all good.... but today we played ultimate frisbee on a huge field against zona ochagavia (we got wrecked), and then we played soccer, and that´s when I wrecked my ankle. definitely not broken. I have it in my brace I got at the MTC and I can walk on it fine.  give it a few days with the brace and it´ll be back to normal.  Elder Gehring is in Ochagavia, so it was cool to see him there!  Although I think my body is allergic to post-highschool soccer .  I´m sad to say, I´ve definitely lost most of whatever touch I had.  BUT.  I still like it. :)  I really like what you said about following promptings.  I´ll try and do that even more.

SO.  This week.... hmm.... I don´t know if I told you about the reference we got from the Duran family?  really awesome.  The mom and her son. However this past week was super intense.  We knew she was going through hard times with her pareja who moved out 8 months ago, but last monday night, she completely opened up to us.  woahhh.  she´s got some tough stuff going on in her life, and because of that, she´s really sensitive to the spirit.  She can tell when it´s there and when it´s not.  and thank you again, dad, for your advice of pointing out the spirit when it´s there.  because when I did that, she was able to identify it in later visits. Monday, intense, Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tuesday, we had a member with us in the chapel, and not knowing her background, he kind of was pressuring her.  and Wednesday, we taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she told us that on Tuesday, she didn´t feel the spirit as strong as she normally did, but that when we taught about the restoration, she did.  so great. Friday we watched the restoration DVD, and then Yesterday, we talked about the Plan of Salvation--- she totally gets it.  We gave her little pamphlets of the lessons to read before we teach them, and she read them and basically did a 3 minute summary of the lesson for us.  And it´s all exactly what the doctrine says.  she´s amazing!  and her answer about the book of mormon was that right after she prayed to know if it was true, she really really felt like she should read it.  and whenever she reads it, she feels a warm peace.  her family is now just giving her crap for meeting with us and going to church and stuff.  but it´s all right.  God will help her, if she exercises her faith in him.  And she has a lot of faith to exercise.

There is a possibility that I will be here in San Miguel for a few more months, or I might leave May 8th.  Yes, there are challenges in this sector, but there are challenges in every sector-- different, but there are always ways to improve every ward and branch in the world.  I would not mind staying here a few more months if the Lord wants me here.  and yes, I get along with my companion, Elder Guzman, very well.  He´s going to end his mission here.  And he´ll finish strong.  We´ll make sure of that.  He´s a good guy.  me cae bien!

Mother´s day is coming up!!!  I can call May 12, 13, or 14.  Give me a list of all your available times when I can skype!  fyi for that weekend, 12:00 in Chile is 11:00 in Chicago.

I love youuuu all!

Elder Moffat