April 2, 2012

Post Conference, April 2, 2012

Thanks for the letters, all!  Happy Birthday to one of our investigators, Daiana Castan!  the 4th. 

Mom, as I read your letter when you mentioned Come thou Fount, I was listening to it.  how cool!  and yes, I sing during sacrament meeting because we have a ward pianist.  and I sing with my new comp in the pension sometimes.  He´s got a pretty good voice.  and in the shower, of course, I like to sing by myself.  Yes, I get a conference Issue here in a month or so.  Speaking of Conference.....

SO AWESOME, especially when there are a bunch of Chileans going through my head.  and we had a little American room upstairs with the computer screen (Saturday) and a TV (Sunday) watching conference in ENGLISH.  ohhhh so wonderful.  Priesthood Session, we didn´t get the English working until  Halfway through Eyring´s talk.  and its just hard to focus when you´re listening to conference in your not-native-language, so Dad and brothers, we caught about the same amount of the priesthood session.  definitely talks worth studying.  WOW.  I honestly don´t even know where to start from the 20 pages of Notes I took from the 5 sessions.

First, you know where Satan is focusing in his attacks on humanity by what the prophets and apostles talk about.  the need to warn us and strengthen us because that´s where Satan is really attacking the most.  Having said that, I made a little make in my notes next to every speaker that said something about the family.  well over half the talks talked about the family somewhere in there.  Moral of the story:  Strengthen the family, because Satan is working his hardest to destroy it.

Loved Donald L Hallstrom defining the difference between the Church and the Gospel, and how you can be active in the church while being innactive in the Gospel, and you need to have both.  I feel I was leaning toward just being active in the church for a few years in highschool.  Brothers, learn from that.  Be active in the Gospel.

After Dallin H Oaks´s opening statement, Hna Jensen, who was with us in the Gringo room, said, "Wow.  what a way to start a talk."  and then Elder Oaks just kept going.  ´Nuff said.

Henry B Eyring (saturday morning) gave a little instruction book of how to build your foundation of faith.  quite helpful.

Jeffrey R. Holland.  Also, ´Nuff said.  I don´t really like how people say there´s always time to repent.  because that gives people a reason to say, well then I´ll just fix my life in 30 years and "have fun" now.  Well, Elder Holland said that it´s never too late to repent, until the Master says it is.  "Don´t delay.  It´s getting late.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  Another comment in the gringo room: "uuuhhhh.... are you allowed to end your talk like that?"  Dear All: Prepare, and do not procrastinate.  It´s getting late.

Robert D Hales just layed down solid "these are covenants, here´s how to better keep them, now go and do it."

Dad, if you want another talk to look at to apply to the family, Quentin L. Cook gave a great talk on family.

And then right after, Richard G. Scott layed down PURE DOCTRINE on revelation.  and totally answered so many questions of me and other people here, especially about dreams

President Thomas S. Monson, also loved the DUTY principle.  and the story of the two soldiers was super powerful.  There is power in the priesthood.  I Testify there is Power in the Priesthood.

President Dieter F Uchtdorf´s 2-word sermon: STOP IT.  Don´t judge me because I sin differently than you.  don´t judge.  definitely a message to all.  including myself.  definitely.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, a scientist, a heart surgeon, an incredibly intelligent man by the world´s standards, completely shot down the notion that God doesn´t exist.  Using science and logic, God has to exist.  "Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary, with multiple editions?"  adooooonde, as we say here in Chile.  Also pure doctrine.

The spirit testified to me during Ronald A Rasband´s talk that really, the worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God.  We are all enlisted, folks.

D. Todd Christofferson also just layed down pure Doctrine, and explained specifically the different ways that Apostles and prophets receive revelation.  woahhhhhh.

And I have to get off..... so no time to review Sunday Afternoon.  soooo good!!!

I love you family.  keep going strong in the gospel.

Elder Moffat